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Year 7 Day 9 15:43
my question is: the amount of experience if given by the time of a travel or the distance of travel?

because a time ago i made a Hyperjump, and this takes 6 days, i earn 300 XP... today i finish a 9 days Hyperjump, and earns me 486 XP...

the first jump was with a HS 5 and know with a HS 2...

thanks for all

Year 7 Day 9 17:08
Tai`to Kale

That first jump might have been before the combine placed the aniversary gift, which is that during this month you will get twice the XP.

Year 7 Day 9 18:10
Experience is earned by distance.

And as Tai'to pointed out, the second one was probably doubled (and will have a message attached to it in events saying so) and the first one wasn't.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 7 Day 11 14:12
Gorn Lamignat

How can I get exp generaly? Sry for that silly question but I have started playing now...
Thx for any answers

Year 7 Day 11 14:37
Tai`to Kale

The simplest way i know about that any newbie can afford is by moving.

Year 7 Day 12 5:09
Gorn Lamignat

And one more thing.. it's silly too... how can I change a picture - this one wich is shown as players race? I want to put there mine

Year 7 Day 12 5:29
On the character sidebar, choose "Character", then "Edit Gorn Lamignat's Profile" :)

Your picture will need to be uploaded somewhere on the Internet, if you can't do that yourself, feel free to eMail it to me at Keir@swcombine.com, and I'll host it and send you back a url.


Year 7 Day 30 6:04
Dan Neo

Hal Breden said:

Experience is earned by distance. 

What is the distance / experience point value?

If I travel 1km what is the experience points earned for that distance?

Also, I saw that a city block is 20km by 20km, correct? What is the atmosphere layer distance per block? What is the space block distance?

I attempted to figure it out from my events screens, but I may have aborted travel so I can't get an accurate exp point value.

I looked on the rules pages and ran a search to no avail, although I may be missing it.


Year 7 Day 30 13:47
It's one of those semi-hidden server values things. I think it's generally around 1 point per square (at least for hyper and sublight). Might be slightly different in atmo/cities. But XP is a peripheral bonus of moving around, and not meant to be the purpose for moving around. Trying to work out how much you get from what, and thereby tailor your travel to maximise XP, is bordering on a violation of the Golden Rule.

Of course you might argue the same about people who just fly around constantly for the XP. But my point is that you shouldn't worry too much about how much XP you get from what, and just enjoy it. =D


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.