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Year 12 Day 76 14:09
Was wondering who I can talk to about the names? The name I use you people won't accept for some reason (Cobra), I don't get how thats not a name when I seen movies and other shows that have used it. Plus this is suppose to be a game that you create a character and it can be a alien name, but Cobra you won't allow, I use that name all the time for my fictional characters. I seen some of the names created through my brother account and they don't sound anything like a name, but they where allowed why is that? I think this seems like a cool game and you don't have a whole lot of members, but I don't don't know if I will play If I can't have the name I want, it wouldn't bother me If they was a good reason other than It's not a name. So Is there some way I can get it accepted and enjoy this game or not?


Year 12 Day 76 14:39
Do you have a last name? Maybe it's being declined because you are trying to submit only one name

Year 12 Day 76 15:12
Oh whoops I thought I put it in, I tried Cobra Kruz and Cobra Cruise.

Year 12 Day 76 15:22
Yes, you can be a non-human in this game. So choose a non-human sounding name. Not Cobra.

Year 12 Day 76 15:54
Ya but how would you know that some other race in the galaxy wouldn't consider Cobra as a common name? I just don't get why the name Cobra won't get accepted, I've used it on other game as my character name and never had a issue with it cause Cobra Kruz sounds like a name. In a game you want to be called what name you come up with, I have been Cobra for a long time and don't want to call myself anything different. I mean would it sound weird to call someone Cobra? I don't think so.

Year 12 Day 76 15:59
Serevok Khalid Dakelh

Other than the fact that it's the furthest thing from being original? You're so adamant about using the name Cobra, but you know that if your character dies you have to use a different name then anyway? Try stepping outside of the usual and create a unique character to you, one that's not so common to your knowledge and develop them, fall in love with what you create from scratch rather than holding onto the coattail of your past exploits in other games. You wouldn't regret it if you did.


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Year 12 Day 76 16:23
Ya but I don't plan on dying lol. My whole thing is that I'm stubborn and just don't get why you guys won't accept that name, I mean you admitted it was a name. I like to have a name that sounds cool, not just letters put together. So I take it there is no way you guys will accept that name then?

Year 12 Day 76 16:36
Will the computer? It loves denying words from the dictionary, so that ias always a problem. And since it is in G.I. Joe and such, it could be denied due to existing in other universes.

Here's a compromise. Make up something more name like and then use Cobra as your nickname or call sign.

Year 12 Day 76 16:36
Serevok Khalid Dakelh

I can see that you're stubborn, but I don't have any say over the name acceptance. Also, Cobra is a nickname at best. Stop twisting my words. you know that you can use Cobra as a nickname when talking to people? Ask them to call you Cobra, use Cobra on IRC if you happen to use it, use Cobra on faction forums that permit you to register as any name/nickname you wish.

Also, the majority of people that die in this game never plan on dying, it happens though.


"Always outnumbered, never out-manned"
Year 12 Day 76 16:44
I mean would it sound weird to call someone Cobra? 



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Year 12 Day 76 16:50
lmao ok. Thats what I was trying to find out if a person or computer goes through the names, cause the way it sounds is an actual person chooses if it will be accepted or not. Since it's a computer then i know there's nothing you guys can do. The nickname thing sounds like it's my only choice, as long as I can create a name the computer will accept to get me in this game ;). Any advice on coming up with a name the computer will accept?


Year 12 Day 76 17:31
Just make up something that you would willingly go up to someone in the street and tell them its your name. Tell anyone your name is Cobra, and they will laugh at you. And the names celebrities give their children are not usually proper names and they just give them to their children just to be different (Apple? Blossom? really?)


Year 12 Day 76 17:33
The server automatically declines some names; each account is then hand-approved by a member of the Join Team. So the secret is... pick a name that sounds like a name, and not like "Cobra Commander".

If you need help, review the Handle rules at this link and use the random name generator if necessary.

Year 12 Day 76 17:38
Ok I will try another one and see If that will get approved. Thanks for the help.


Year 12 Day 76 17:42
yeah..I see Inuyasha made it through a second time in the 4 years I have been here.


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