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Year 12 Day 77 6:44
Daehd Moroz

There seems to be some trouble with the Medic NPC right now.

First of all i nthe "Rules" section there is no data on which skills does the Medic get, when it is hired.

And second, when you actually hired, like I did 10 minutes ago, the Medics have absolutely NO skills, except the ones, that their race has.

Update: Some NPC seem to have a medical treatment skill of 2 or 1, but most don't, they have it at 0.

Hence, the question:

1) Is there any point in hiring Medics right now at all?

2) They have no Medic NPC related skills, are the developers going to add those skills later to these NPCs already hired? Or can I might as well get rid of those NPCs?

Thank you for answering :)

Edited By: Daehd Moroz on Year 12 Day 77 6:46

Ever sincerely yours,

Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz
Year 12 Day 77 17:47
Sounds like a bug for the NPC, so post on the bug base. As to why some would already have the skill, were they of races that have it as a racial skill?


Year 12 Day 78 7:06
Daehd Moroz

No, I have hired one Alderaanian for example, she has medical treatment - 2, all others - zero.

I will post this in the Bug Base as soon as possible.

Edited By: Daehd Moroz on Year 12 Day 78 7:06

Ever sincerely yours,

Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz