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Year 12 Day 78 18:01
does anyone actually have one of these?! lol


Year 12 Day 78 18:10
There has to be one somewhere why else would they have taken the time to add it to the database?

Year 12 Day 78 18:37
Yes, there is one SB-1 in the game, which is owned by a Player Character.


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Year 12 Day 78 18:37
Christian Hall

Yes its owned and a one of a kind. Can't remember the name but I know who owns it. Look around the Public art section. In the thread about the ship someone says who owns it.

Year 12 Day 78 18:40
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Serevok Khalid Dakelh
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Year 12 Day 78 19:48
Shuji Shizuka

Eidola, if I remember right. They seem to own quite a lot of the unique ships.


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Year 12 Day 78 19:52
Wonder why??????

Year 12 Day 78 20:02
Eidola are pirates and stole them?

Year 12 Day 78 22:04
I don't think Keir owns it any was on CPM..or one of the out dated auction sites. I remember the thread for it(or it was a scam for pirates to take billions for it). Yes Eidola does own a few rare ships.

Year 12 Day 78 22:44
Well Eidola owned it around 6 months ago when I visited Servacos (I believe the SB was there alongside the Supremacy), and I haven't seen it on the market since then.


Year 12 Day 79 0:09
Can we stop answering IC questions in OOC question forums?

Year 12 Day 79 10:24
And since when is CPM outdated?

Year 12 Day 79 11:44
Umbeck Traxer

"CPM or one of the outdated sites"
not "CPM or one of the OTHER outdated sites.
CPM is being talked about as a sperate entity from the outdated sites.

Year 12 Day 79 22:40
Mikel, the question was an OOC question and was answered in a OOC manner. The answer was Trance's..
I don't think Keir owns it any more..

- trance zannagan
Since we ALL know Keir is dead is in OOC reference.


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Year 12 Day 80 1:25

I'm really not grasping how you come to that conclusion. The ownership of a ship and the status of its current or past owners is obviously IC information. We aren't talking about the player being alive or dead we're talking about the character, if your character hasn't confirmed the death of Keir (which no character has) then your character does not know he is dead just the player who knows how the combines mechanics work. ICly you should not know for certain he is dead, ICly another character should not know unless they have found out or been told ICly. You are passing on the IC information between players not characters because this is an OOC conversation.

Obviously the distinction is pretty much irrelevant if you're discussing it anywhere else as it can't be enforced but these forums are for OOC questions not IC questions so this is not the place.

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Year 12 Day 80 10:27
Year 12 Day 80 21:36
Uhmm..for one..this is my first char since I DO know ICLY who is dead and not..further more..Teniel Has posted ICLY Keir Santos was murdered over several IC/OOC methods (Also ICLY and OOCly bragging about owning SB-1) And second I view the question who owns it as an OOC question since this is an OOC Q&A, just like I was to ask Who owns the Tardus..the answer would be Darkness aka the Admins.
Questions like this is all about do you see the glass? Half full or half empty?

So take that to the next level Snap Dragon.

Year 12 Day 80 23:07
Just because someone asks a question in the OOC forums doesn't make it the domain of OOC question answering, genius. Not to mention the fact that nobody ever asked who owned it, and Hal specifically avoided mentioning who it was owned by (even though he was incorrect in the detail of thinking it was owned by a PC instead of a faction).

There's no argument on "perspective" required. Don't answer questions that need IC solutions in an OOC question forum. Full stop. It's not a hard concept to understand. The TARDIS, though it exists in the rules, is not an actual, own-able entity and was created for the sole purpose of OOC admin transportation.

Year 12 Day 80 23:07
so I DO know ICLY who is dead and not..further more..Teniel Has posted ICLY Keir Santos was 

Teniel had no past character named Keir Santos. If you're going to try to brag about how much you know, don't get such a basic fact wrong.

Quit now, while you're behind.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.