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Year 12 Day 79 21:12
I went inactive for several months and when I came back I was freelance and trapped on a Bayonet which I don't recall. I'm locked in the entrance and can't leave plus the only two names I recall are Borrodin Tsaplev who has been inactive for a while and Luna La`Blake who comes up as banned.

Could an Administrator move my character onto the closest planet or let me drop my character?

Year 12 Day 79 22:13
Its likely that the ship you are in is owned by the faction you were in, so if you want to keep this character, you could contact them. If that fails, you could also post in the Traders Lounge, see if anyone knows the owner/location.

If you do just want to drop, you should make a support ticket (link at the bottom of the sidebar) with the request.


Year 12 Day 79 23:15
That would be a dead faction, most likely. Luna is now Rednax over in the new CSA. Might wanna give him a prod.

Year 12 Day 80 3:30
CSA dissolved and Borrodin is inactive, as far as I know he took everything from the faction too. If the Bayo is in space than you could hop over to some other ship since you are in Exit, if someone would find it.

opps, wrong shortcut <_< I meant GSC*

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Year 12 Day 80 3:46
The new CSA is not dissolved. It's still there. Borrodin also joined it, I believe. Again, talk to Rednax.