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Archives » How do I delete my character?
Year 12 Day 82 14:13
I wish to delete my character and maybe someday come back to the Combine with a fresh start. Is this allowed? and if so how?

Year 12 Day 82 14:28
Zero Turner

1) Sun your Character
2) Have your Character Arrested Permanently till you come back and can drop
3) Have your Character Executed
4) If you character is still lvl 1 it deletes in a year, i believe it is, I can't recall how long.

Year 12 Day 82 15:29
Shuji Shizuka

It was 9 months iirc, Ellias said something about it once.


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Year 12 Day 82 18:21
Yep 9 months inactivity for a level 1 character.

But Ala, there is no way other than to get yourself killed to just delete a character.


Year 12 Day 83 7:51
oh, okay. well I suppose I'll just hang on to my character. thanks though

Year 12 Day 83 9:14
Getting yourself killed isn't a big hassle. It's pretty easy.


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