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Archives » Just posting this cuz of some confusion
Drofdar Yort

What is faster a hyperdrive one in this game or a hyperdrive 7 i know
in star wars canon that hyperdrive one is faster
but some people in this game say the hyperdrive 7 is faster
so is it like the higher the hyperdrive etc 7 6 are faster then the lower ones
etc 1 2 3.


Drofdar yort
Vrik Dakari

Yes. The higher number a ship has for its hyperspeed value, the faster it is during hyper travel.

EDIT: Hyperspeed, not hyperdrive, my bad.

Edited By: Vrik Dakari on Year 12 Day 83 17:06
Drofdar Yort

Thanks i have a yt-1300 its got a hyperdrive 6 so its rlly fast.


Drofdar yort
Hyper 6 is not bad, but technically only average though ship that are faster and few and far between bar the YT-2000. Hyperspeed in this game goes up to 15, but only highly modified ships are faster than Hyper 8.

And before you ask, no, you cannot get any ship modified any more because they were admin given bonuses. It may be added after R&D using IC interactions.


Drofdar Yort

okay thanks but where do you get the ships with 8

Edited By: Drofdar Yort on Year 12 Day 84 8:28

Drofdar yort
Vrik Dakari

The only two ships I can think of right now that have a hyper of 8 are the A-Wing, affiliated with New Republic, and the Starspeeder, which is a rare ship with no affiliations. Only chances of finding one of those is waiting for them to show up on CPM. Both are unlikely to occur, so good luck. The fastest you'll be able to get otherwise is a 7, which there are a couple out there. Just keep an eye out for the stuff and it'll eventually surface. Just realize it'll have a high price tag.

There are modified ships that have hyperspeed greater than 10. Don't expect to see them any time soon.

The Starspeeder is a NPC controlled craft for the NPC spaceport transport system. Unlikely to ever be seen for sale until they can be hijacked. Or perhaps as some sort of contest/gift thing from the Administration.

Vrik Dakari

I knew that the Starspeeder was rare, but I just thought they were privately owned or something.

Possibly we'll see faster ships come out when R&D comes out, but I suspect that the staff will put a limit on how high you can make it. After all, the whole Galaxy shouldn't be able to fly from one corner to the other of the Universe in a matter of days rather than weeks. My only guess on this cap is around 15, possibly 20. But I'm not a mod, dev or otherwise, so it's not for me to say.

Elias, a former ASim, already said the game's hard coded to only allow Hyperspace 15.

ASims don't generally have code access, believe it or not. Not that I'm saying he's wrong, I just like to dispel the notion whenever it comes up. =P

(But he is wrong)

Then answer it, Codester :P

From a code standpoint there's nothing I can see that cuts off the speed at 15. The rules already state that the maximum speed is 15, so I would imagine with mods and all of that it'll eventually be capped at 15.

From a database standpoint I guess it could be as high as... several billion? =P

Aye, I was going by the fact that the rules state that Hyper 15 is the highest speed. Granted rules have been known to change but since travel is pretty well done, and the fact that new ships stil lhang around the 5-6 hyper max for average, decent available ships, I would be suprised if the max is raised.