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Year 12 Day 84 10:26
Drofdar Yort

Well here is athought for a new ship design doing this for
CP cuz on the cp sheet it says come up with an idea like an new ship
last time i did it you admins locked it

and it saided this on the CP sheet

:Enhancing the Combine::

You think you may help somewhere? We often reward helps with CPs.

* You designed a picture that would suit the website perfectly? Then do not hesitate, open a topic in the Public Art Forum and submit your work. We reward used artistic materials with hundreds or thousands of CPs.
* Or maybe you wrote a better description for a race, a ship, or an item? Then the Descriptions Suggestions Forum is the place where you can post your proposal.
* Or maybe you thought of something that would enhance the Combine Galaxy? Then visit the Galaxy Suggestions Forum.

Note: Not all of your suggestions will be accepted, and all of them must meet quality expectations before even being posted. Remember that you should ALWAYS read the rules of each forum.

see where it saied coming up with an idea.

the ship

Acclamator I-class mark 9 assault ship

Length: 500m
Hull: 3,500
Deflector Shields: 2,000
Ionic Capacity: 1,000

Hyperspeed: 6
Sublight Speed: 30 MGLT
Manoeuvrability: 6

Turbolasers: 30
Proton-Torpedo Launchers: 2
Heavy Laser: 15

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Drofdar yort
Year 12 Day 84 10:32
Guess I get to be the first this time. This should go into the suggestions forum.

Year 12 Day 84 10:33
Well, this thread will probably be locked up soon so...

a tip, to avoid wasting your time:

only 100% CANON ships/vehicles/doids/etc... will ever be allowed in SWC so you are just wasting your time submitting mod ships. ALSO, only the admins decide on which ships/droids/vehicles/etc.. are introduced so, your are also wasting your time there (there are TONS of ships/vehicles/droids in Star Wars that are not here but only the admins will decide if/when/if ever they will be added here)

I hope it helped..


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Year 12 Day 84 10:33
We don't accept new ship submission from players. This would normally go in the suggestions forum, but as it says any suggestions based on entity additions/changes will be locked/deleted/ignored.

Year 12 Day 84 10:37
Drofdar Yort



Drofdar yort
Year 12 Day 84 11:01
A prior thread being locked for violating restricted topics lists is not an invitation to go post the same thread/idea elsewhere.


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Year 12 Day 84 11:13
Zero Turner


Actually Hal he had another idea, this ship suggestion is just far superior in stats.

Drofdar the issue with your 3 points of Enhancing the Combine:

1) Refers to making new art for existing entities to replace the older models
2) Is just the edits, writing of descriptions in which one views in the rules page
3) Thoughts of enhancing the galaxy, such as edits to systems, making it more canon, etc. not new entities.

Just read this before posting ANY suggestions.

Any threads on these subjects not created by the administration or moderators will be locked. If you dispute the restriction of these topics contact a moderator listed at the bottom of this post and discuss it with them but it will likely not achieve anything. More will be added over time.

1. Removal or alteration of time delays already in existence including recreation waiting period.

2. Food, fuel, disease, natural disasters, weather, sleep, marriage, pregnancy, adoption, bowel movements, time of day etc.

3. New entities or alterations (e.g. stats) to existing entities. Entities meaning ships, vehicles, space stations, facilities, items, droids etc.

4. Planetary Bonuses i.e Coruscant = 5% population, Mon Calamari= -10% ship construction time.

5. Small groups with some or all of current faction features without being a faction or lesser versions of current faction types (such as Planetary Governments being a lesser version of a Government type).

6. Wills

7. Changes to the skill and experience level system.

8. Action Queue's

9. Getting a ship, or anything beyond measly starting credits, upon creation

10. Mini-games (May be added in casino's or the like at somepoint though)

11. Combat

12. Faction merging of different types - As allowing it would just mean we could remove all faction types and name it "Generic Faction"

13. Dividends (payments to stock owners).

14. NPC middlemen/safe trading. (This will not be added, theft is part of the game)

15. Datacards - anything to do with datacards.

16. Allowing passengers to "see out" of the vessel they are in.

17. R&D and modification - the basics are under revision. The restriction will be removed when there is more solid information on the processes to be used.

18. Crews for ships - to be discussed later.

19. Cloning.

20. Suicide.

21. Anything other than ears from dead characters.

22. NPC Pirates (or other NPC forces/factions).

23. Any form of built-in Notepad function or which you could effectively use any word document to do (including contact lists).

24. Any threads related to the Tax system.

25. Sounds

26. Referrals (any kind of bonuses, etc. for getting people to join the game)

27. Maintenance fees for entities/deterioration over time. (Server would explode)

28. Number of flats required for planetary control

29. Credits -> CP conversion

30. Reduced income for Shielded planets.

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Year 12 Day 84 11:46


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Year 12 Day 84 14:06
Notice that "Mark 9" bit he threw in there, Jenos? Essentially, he's trying to make a cheaper version he thinks he'll actually ever be able to afford. :P

Year 12 Day 84 16:16
Drofdar Yort

Hes right..
i think acheaper version is better rather then it being a rare ship
and its the same ship just cheaper it can mabey be made into a cp ship
just hopeing.


Drofdar yort
Year 12 Day 84 16:35
um... no.

I think the fact we already have that one would bar others... It'd get too confusing if you had 'Acclamator I-Class Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 3' etc

Canonly, every Mon Cal ship is unique, but it's just not feasible from a gameplay view.


Unless specifically stated, this post is not the view of the Star Wars Combine Administration and should not be viewed as such.
Year 12 Day 84 16:36
A cap ship with Hyper 6? Yeah, ah can see that happening

Just had a look and noticed there is one H5 Cap, with some H4's (and a single H6: C-3 Passenger Liner, but it has no weapons)

Edited By: Tiali Bixa-Loca on Year 12 Day 84 16:43
Year 12 Day 84 20:52
Plus the fact that the RMS value is based on the stats, so to make it cheaper you would have to make it worse...


Year 12 Day 85 8:35
Yeah... this should've been locked a while back.