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Year 12 Day 86 9:40

I have bought lots of ammo round 2 years ago and boarded them on my ship. Now that I'm active again in the combine I cant equip my ammo 5 RPC and 25 RPC, and I'm sure they are located on my ship.

I can see the ammo in my items list and when i travel through the room, but when I want to equip it it doesnt show... is this a bug or must I wait till ammo has been fixed?

Edited By: Davy Hawker on Year 12 Day 86 9:41
Year 12 Day 86 10:32
Xu Xlaar Vivan

Ammo no longer exists. No ammo. Nada. Worthless. Took it out. Guns don't need it.

Year 12 Day 86 11:02
The ammo as items will still show up in your inventory and in the equipment-list of the room they are in but you cannot pick them up, equip them, or otherwise use them


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Year 12 Day 86 11:35
Will they make a comeback once combat is initiated, will the ammo disappear altogether at some point, or will we have phantom ammo pictures taking up inventory space, and quite possibly weight/volume on ships, stations, storage, and other carrying entities?

I have a nice stockpile of ammo that I would like totally gone if they are no longer viable. Thanks!


Year 12 Day 86 12:13
Yeah same goes for me if ammo dont makes a comeback I wish mine would be deleted to.

Year 12 Day 86 13:27
They haven't decided what's happening with it. When they do, something will be done about it.


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Year 12 Day 87 1:51
Darian Dash

Dang , Tib Gas just got a lot more worthless.

I was sitting on my deposits and about 20k Tib mined ready to make hangar loads of ammo when combat came out.

Hope they introduce some other use for Tib instead of letting all those deposits on Gas Giants waste away.


Year 12 Day 87 2:56
Entities that have weaopns still need Tibannagas.


Year 12 Day 87 4:55
They haven't said there won't be a need for ammo, they just have to tweak how the re-loading is going to work (that was why they were removed, at least that's what ah remember as the reason)

For those people who still have ammo on them or in a container: don't drop it! and certainly don't drop it somewhere not secure like in a public building or a ship not owned by themselves