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Year 12 Day 86 19:18
I'm not sure this is where this goes, but I'll ask anyway: How are ID numbers determined? I just picked up a space station with ID# 2404 and was wondering approximately how old it is.


Year 12 Day 86 19:22
Once upon a time they were sequential - so 2404 should, supposedly, be the 2404th station created.

However, many of the ID number runs have gaps in them, for various reasons. I recall the ship ID sequence jumps several thousand because an Admin wanted a ship with a certain ID number.

But certainly, a station with a lower number is older than one with a higher number.

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Year 12 Day 86 19:24
I wonder if anybody could tell me when it was actually built. It had to have been many years ago, as there must be thousands of stations floating around.

~update~ I just asked a friend about a station of his that's about a month old. It's ID is just under 6000. So, I'd guess mine is older than about 60 percent of the stations in this game. Cool

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Year 12 Day 86 21:04
I have a station with an ID in the 1700s that was built about 3 or 4 years ago, so yours was probably built 2 or 3 years ago.

Year 12 Day 86 21:19
Oh...dang. Sure, ruin all my fun! Thanks for the info, though.


Year 12 Day 86 21:43
Isn't there a created on date in the show stats page for the station?


Year 12 Day 86 21:48
Not on mine. There's a DOM: section, but it's blank.


Year 12 Day 86 22:15
If there is no DOM then it is pre Y9 (or at least early Y9)

Year 12 Day 87 0:03
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

ID# 603 DOM: Y7D303

None of the lower or higher ID'd stations I have, have a date of manufacturing, not even the ones that recently finished construction.

Year 12 Day 87 4:51
Ah was just going by mah own ships and mah YT (ID# 13428) has no DOM, but the other 5 ships do with the earliest being mah R-41 (ID# 136646) with a DOM of Y9D250 (but Y7 is still pre Y9, so maybe entities created before Y6 don't have a DOM)

Maybe Stations are done differently, and ah don't believe you can go by the ID #'s as ah have a ship with a lower number than the R-41 that has a DOM nearly 2 years later, and another one that has a higher number that has a DOM in between