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Year 12 Day 87 7:54
"Dear Talina Passik,

The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing the following reason :

Your handle does not match out current rules requirements. It was turned down because of the presence of a restricted name or adjective, such as "Lord", "Count" or "Darth", or an existing Star Wars character name was chosen such as "Luke Skywalker" or "Han Solo". Please refer to the Character Creation rules page located at /rules/?Character_Creation for more information."

I dont really understand; I looked all over, and as far as I know, Talina is a fairly unique name, and Passik is a common surname throughout the galaxy
Why was I denied?

Year 12 Day 87 8:37
The problem is exactly that, that Passik is a common surname in canon SWC. As our handle rules state, handles using canon surenames are not allowed (the declination message is unfortunately a little outdated and only lists titles and full canon names as examples).

If you use a different surename (or change Passik a bit so it doesn't resemble the canon name), it'll surely be accepted.

Year 12 Day 87 12:18
My mothers maiden name is Smith, yet there are many other families with the same surname and we are not related. Wouldnt this coincidence be far more common on a galactic scale?

Year 12 Day 87 12:31
Look at it from the other point of view:

We (as a game) have three options:

1) We allow canon surnames, and you're going to end up with a few hundred Skywalkers, Solos, Vaders, Fetts, Windus, Kenobis, etc running around.

2) We deny any canon surname, in which case someone in your situation has to find a different, original surname for your handle.

3) We try to draw some line between "common" canon surnames and special canon surnames. Everybody who reviews applications has a different opinion, not to mention all those applying have no certainty as to which side of the line their handle may fall. And we also get threads and arguments as to why certain ones should be allowed and not others.

We consider option 1 to be undesirable. Option 3 is simply far too open to interpretation. So we went with option 2: No canon surnames. Period.

We try to keep the rules open to as little subjective interpretation as possible, for the sake of those trying to follow them, as well as those trying to apply them.


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Year 12 Day 87 14:21
Makes sense I guess, sorry for the trouble
I was just a little angry for having to wait 10 hours to get back the name that I spent a long time coming up with, being denied

Year 12 Day 88 8:44
Sorry about the long wait. All the administrative team are in a meeting at the same place, so the usually spaced out over different timezones team are all on the same time zone :P


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