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Year 12 Day 184 22:04
Mmmm... pretty droids... :)


Year 12 Day 184 22:52
What is that yellow droid? A semi-sentient combustion engine?
And the one below that, a robotic Swiss Army Knife?

Year 12 Day 185 0:10
In answer to your question Tiali, the yellow box looks as if it would be a relative of the GNK droid (check it out on Wookie, there is something like it there) and the other thing looks a lot like a probe type droid if i'm not mistaken.


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Year 12 Day 185 23:39
Would hate to be probed by 4 of those arms

Year 12 Day 185 23:47

The Yellow one looks like a relative of that annoying vaccum on the telletubbies.


Year 12 Day 186 22:31
The Yellow one looks like a relative of that annoying vaccum on the telletubbies.

- "Shuji"
Her name is Noo-Noo.

Year 12 Day 186 23:48
As in "Noo! Noo! Don't put your hose in there, it hurts (and tickles)!"

Year 12 Day 190 8:20
As in "Noo! Noo! Don't put your hose in there, it hurts (and tickles)!"

- Tiali Bixa-Loca

I lol'd.

Year 12 Day 190 18:23
I like the one in the very top right corner. It looks cute, but at the same time, I wouldn't want to meet one of them in a dark alley...


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Year 12 Day 195 10:54
the yellow one probably some kind of cleaner droid. the multi-armed one is likely a server (for tavern/hotel?)

I guess they're needing to stretch in the Droids department for new ones to implement. thankfully there's still plenty of ships & vehicles to go with for a while longer before they either shut down the CP system or start to recycle some of the old "rare" designs. which of course, would be rather nice if they did.

do we have a timeline estimation on when this "bug" might be fixed? back burner or not, if it takes a year or longer to fix something "minor" I'd hate to see how long it takes for something like Combat.. oh wait, it's been almost 12 years (not including SWS).

also, does this same bug also apply to the ship & vehicle cp sections for adding new ones?

if it's not affecting those, you'd think it would be simple just to examine the code there (or copy/paste) and implement the tweaks for droids instead of ships/vehicles.




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Year 12 Day 195 13:13
Hopefully we'll see some sort of droid with decent sensors. Like maybe a walking/rolling sensor pack! Although I guess my Elite Ewok Scout/Snipers have that covered.

Year 12 Day 195 20:15
The bug is in the RM calculation, not the direct implementation. (Or so I continuously hear)

Year 12 Day 195 20:41
Question then is, can they manually input the RMs in, if they use the equations to work out what the RMs should be?


Year 12 Day 196 15:46
THat would mean Jesfa would have to do work. And that sentence has Jesfa and work in it, together. So you know this will never happen.

Be patient.

Year 12 Day 204 13:41
Helena Gladio

whenever there is a massive sweep of bugs being fixed and things synced, there's usually a couple minor things that get kaplooyed (lost, bugged, etc). I'm presuming the rules page for the CP droids was simply caught up in that crossfire and will be back very soon.

- Year 12 Day 89 10:09

i dunno, it has been more then 4 months? Anyone know if this will be kickstarted?

P.S. Sorry for the necroing. but it wasn´t apreciated i opened a new thread in a completely different section of swc.



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 12 Day 204 13:44
Also, look through the previous posts in this very thread....

Apparently the tool to add in the new droids is broken, and the ASims are waiting on a coder to fix it so they can introduce the new ones. 

The coders have to fix things before anything can happen, and its not a vital game function so its a backburner operation. 

Just a little effort looking goes a long way.


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Year 12 Day 205 6:20
Helena Gladio

Ehm yeah thanks.



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 12 Day 206 11:35
no i don't think its a lack of looking on Helena's part, I'm with her! just wondering if anyone has heard anything about a time frame for this, and yes i have read every post on this thried.


Year 12 Day 206 12:30
Zero Turner

CP droids are non essential at this time. Just desired. Glad they fixed the big bugs I.e. crafting bug first.

Edited By: Zero Turner on Year 12 Day 206 12:31


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Year 12 Day 206 14:15
I wasn't addressing Helena's time-frame question, just the quote she cited.

As for the time-frame, it will be done when there is time available to do it.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
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