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Year 12 Day 206 14:48
I'll take a look at it, but no promises implied.

It'd be helpful if an asim/whoever can DM me with what the problem is when you try to add them.

Year 12 Day 206 16:14
CP droids are non essential at this time. Just desired. 
You can say the same thing with the CP ships

Year 12 Day 206 17:22
Tiali, where was that comment headed? Is it that we wasted time on CP ships, or something else?

Year 12 Day 206 18:32
I suspect it's meant as "We have CP ships, so why don't we have CP droids?" I further project that the possibility of the tool having broken between adding CP ships and wanting to add CP droids never crossed her mind.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 12 Day 206 19:15
Mikel, I believe the issue stated was that the RM calculation for the entities wasn't working in some form. Either refusing to calculate or just mis-calculating. They can enter the stats in fine, but when they try to accept the changes and it goes to auto set the RMs it does something wierd.


Year 12 Day 206 23:51
Was just pointing out that that comment was flawed and idiotic, unlike Zero (perfect name BTW) ah understand the reasons why there is currently no CP Droids (ok, don't understand the mechanics behind the reasons, but understand {kind of} the why: ie a bug in the calculations)

Year 12 Day 207 0:12
It was not flawed and idiotic. Any non-essential portion of the game may be delayed at any time for more important areas. It broke, it's waiting to be fixed while other things are worked on. The fact that other non-essential parts of the game are not subject to, or delayed by, a bug at this time has nothing to do with it.

Or are you suggesting that we should remove the CP ships for the time being, since CP droids are not available?


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 12 Day 207 1:31

The tool is further broken than before. Previously, the issue was that when you finalized all the stats, and put everything in, it would auto-generate the RMP on finalizing/making the entitytype. Since then, it just spits out a handful of errors.

Hardolaf is taking a look last I heard.


Year 12 Day 207 2:33
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARDOLAF. Thanks for looking into it.
Puts big smile on my face.


Everything is a weapon.


Year 12 Day 207 6:49
Show me once where ah said the CP Ships should be removed because the CP Droids are broken due to a bug

Year 12 Day 207 9:45
Helena Gladio

I just want to say it is cool to have new nice droids (also because some cool droids are restricted :/). It was not intended to come across as pushy :)



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 12 Day 207 10:01
Won't hold my breath then, Jesfa. >_>

also, lol@Tiali calling something else flawed and idiotic

Year 12 Day 207 10:26
Zero Turner

It's all good... we all know Tiali doesn't think before she posts anyhow.

If you read and understood (though grammatically it was bad cause I type it with swype on my phone) it was meant in this way - CP Droids at this time are essentially only desired and are non-essential to current game play, it's best to get the bugs that really do effect the game done first, i.e. the crafting kit errors (while aborting) that would throw one into "hyperspace" unable to move and left in a void until an A-Sim saves him/her.

You can say the same thing with the CP ships

- Tiali Bixa-Loca

Full Statement
CP droids are non essential at this time. Just desired. Glad they fixed the big bugs I.e. crafting bug first.

- Zero Turner

As for the name... considering I made it 9 years ago, tried a couple other names that got denied and had "Zero Skywalker" accepted... I see no issue. One day perhaps you'll read and think before you come to conclusions, because your own statement was "flawed and idiotic" - you can also refer to many of your answers to multiple questions to which you've answered, you'd then understand (kind of). :)

Edited By: Zero Turner on Year 12 Day 207 11:23
Year 12 Day 207 13:56
Mr. Turner I would like to say for some of us droids are essentional,because to us they are improtant.Crafting kits to me are not essential or important.Im not going to knock it for being fixed because to some players it is.
The point I would like to make is cp droids wasnt broke it was removed and the new crap is broke.So for the people it was importatnt to the simple solution could had been reinstated the old droids to give us droid lovers our toys until the new stuff could be fixed.
I try not to knock a game that is free escpecially when I have no clue on its inner mechanics.
But saying anyone thing is unessecntial is about like saying certain players Uh let me try to phrase this right saying anyone thing is unessential is about like saying certain players characteristics are unessintial. (I hope that makes scence)

Sorry for the bad spelling.


Everything is a weapon.


Year 12 Day 207 15:35
Thank you Mr Sklone

Ah didn't include the bit about the bugs as ah agree completely that they should be fixed as soon as they can and was not relevant to the point ah was making (oh wait, everyone knows your inner most thoughts so they can understand what you meant by such a short sentence but others have to spell it out entirely? will have to remember that)

Year 12 Day 207 16:29
Zero Turner

I don't think you quite understood that ie refers to an example of the bugs that should be put on the top of a repair list, such as the crafting causing people to get stuck aloong with multiple other issued fixed in the last sync. CP droids are merely OOC award entities and should be up again, but only once the bug is fixed. As for bring the old ones out, I could assume there could be a similar issue in bringing them back. Besides we don't need th CP droids at this time, we again desire them. There was a few years where there was NO CP droids to exchange for. Heck id love the CP droids, new or old, but just need to be patient and get them in do time.

Yes again CP droids are non-essential and issues that effect the game more should be looked into before. Because when you define essential, it is as follows:

Essential: Absolutly necessary

So just because you may think its important, doesn't make it essential. Most droids at this time have little use, outside pilot droids and LIN droids, at least until their skills are implemented. Though collecting them is fun, I do the same.


Again, you didn't read my whole comment. So it makes sense that you never understood to begin with, I just spelt it out for you so that you could "hopefully" grasp it. Common sense doesn't seem to be a strong suit for some as they appear to be "idiotic" as you say. Even if its presented in some form.

Edited By: Zero Turner on Year 12 Day 207 16:32


Join Date: Year 3 Day 340

Year 12 Day 207 17:04
Your right mr Turner I do not know what ie refers to and i do not know the bugs.
I totally agree with fixing the necassities,but you would have to diffine what are the essintials to excuse some of the factors.I agree fixing the mines,production and other issues right away as this affects the many over the few.If you would implicate combat then I would disagree as this affects no one scince there was no combat and has been in the making for however long(if this is correct),as to just an example cp droids has this affects every player ESSPECIALY THE NEW PLAYERS as this is something small that they can work for and easily achieve.
When I originally posted this thread I was still fairly new.And cp droids where very essiantail at that time for me.
And once again the crafting kit was irralivant to me then and is still irralivant so no its not essintial for me,but is it essiantial for the many?Im guessing with the way you reference it ,it is.so I make no complaints about the crafting issue.
On the note of a trying to reimplicate the old droids,well that would had been at that time*I think it would be to late for that now as to the affect of the market* for them to try to reimplicate the old one and fail rather than telling me im not important and its on the backburner.

I would also like to say thank you Mr Turner.For not flaming and holding a decent conversation.I respect your views and your facts


Everything is a weapon.


Year 12 Day 207 18:59
Zero's not saying that "crafting" is essential, he's saying that, for example, "the bug that occurs when people craft (which many, many people do), trapping them in hyperspace and forcing Asim intervention to save their characters" being fixed is essential. In the scheme of things, re-adding CP droids is significantly down the list.

Year 12 Day 207 18:59
Is there an associated game function that is not possible because these droids are not available? No.
This is the definition of "not essential".

Important to (some) players is completely different from essential.

With regards to putting the old droids back while we wait for the new ones, has anyone asked if it's possible before just now? Has anyone requested it? It seems a reasonable solution, and I'd support it, but someone has to bring it up before it can happen.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 12 Day 271 0:36
I keep putting off 'buying' CP items, and hoarding my hard-earned CP points, then totally missing out when they're suddenly gone.

Will the previous CP items eventually be assigned to DCs, and be R&D'able by the respective factions, and subsequently purchasable?

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