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Archives » Is Cerberus Corporation and Kaos Galactica Federation stocks good
Drofdar Yort

Just wondering and what is the purpose of stocks.


Drofdar yort
Zero Turner

Primarily just financial information. However some factions do sell stock as a way to get discounts or in. Some cases to buy back at a higher purchase rate. Stocks here don't nessasarily work like the real world stock market.

Drofdar Yort

Thanks say i bought 100x kos glactica federation stock or 100x
cerberus and then 100x again later
how much stock would i need to own part of the faction?


Drofdar yort
It depends how much stock the faction issued. If you buy one, it will tell you what percentage that is.

Some factions issued 2 stocks, some issued 1000, some issued millions.


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Xu Xlaar Vivan

I do believe it tells you how much of the faction you own when you buy the stock.

Not 100% sure, has been awhile since I owned stocks...

Unlikely that you will be able to scrounge enough stocks to own a faction just by buying from the market. Pretty much all owners keep at least 51% of the stock to prevent people from obtaining ownership from them. Unless they sell the faction, then they hand over the stocks to the new owner.


Zero Turner

For Cerberus 100 Stocks = 0.001% of the Company
For Kaos Federation 100 Stocks = 0.1% of the Company