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Year 12 Day 99 20:42
Has the ability to brawl with NPC (Brawler) been done away with?



Year 12 Day 99 21:20
It's currently not functioning, but I think they are planning to put it back in at some point.


Light speed is too slow! We're going to have to go right to...Ludicrous speed.

Amp Thane, Captain, BFF-1 class freighter EQUUS
Year 12 Day 100 13:39
Leigh Kellan

I miss beating on people....its been a while. :/

Year 12 Day 100 20:16
I'm pretty sure NPC scripts are down at the moment, and I'm not sure when they'll be bringing them back. It looks like they're fixing a lot of things right now, so a lot of things currently aren't working.

Year 12 Day 100 20:37
Correction, some of the NPC scripts are down. A lot of them do have scripts added (ie all the tutorial NPCs, medics, criminal etc), just others do not. NPCs that actually do something other than talk (ie Brawlers, rental NPCs etc) have not even been touched as that requires a coder to create some code to allow them to work, rather than just making up a script for them.

Clarr ddi say he was working on the brawler script back when I was making the scripts for the NPCs. Not heard anything since.