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Year 12 Day 101 1:30

I was expelled from a Faction for being NEGATIVE. They are building a cities on a new plated and i was help building.

They expelled me when i was on the surface, and ask me to leave the ship. This city will not be complete for the next 4 to 5 months.

There is a star port but i can,t board any ships. There aren't any, not even NPC Transport. I did asked them to please take me to a planet that i can get transport and try to start from scratch. But my pleas is being ignored.

I tried to ask members on the Live Chad to help me by picking me up from the planet i am on, but there is NO takers.

What am i supposed to do now? Please help me.


The knowledge I possess together with the experience i gain with every mission, will guide me in the unknown and the fulfillment of my destiny.

Year 12 Day 101 1:35
Zero Turner

Go to the Commerce Forum and perhaps pay or get someone to pick you up and drop you off.

Option 2) Join another faction and they'll most likely pick you up.

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