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Year 12 Day 101 17:58
Does the trench facility obstruct sensors like normal facilities? If yes, will that be changed in the future?

Year 12 Day 101 21:16
Year 12 Day 101 23:25
That said, I would imagine the ability for Golans to fire over top of them is undecieded as well?

Year 12 Day 102 6:48
Its a space station. In space. I don't see a trench as being in the way of a space platform full of lasers.

Year 12 Day 102 11:21
Christian Hall

^Some kooky things can happen.

But we'll take that as a yes, No?

Year 12 Day 102 12:48
I'm pretty sure he's referring to Golan Laser Batteries.

Year 12 Day 102 13:38

Golan Arms was the name of the manufacturer of defensive weapon systems. Like the space platforms and the ground based emplacements. As well as some small arms, I believe.

Year 12 Day 102 23:44
Yes, I mean the 1x1 facility. I had already figured that space stations weren't interfered with by trenches.

Year 12 Day 103 15:22
Tell that to the Death Star!