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Year 12 Day 101 18:30
WTF, I started fixing the door and 1 hour before it was supposed to be finished I got an even saying that it fell on me....

Why couldn't it just tell me when I started so I could try again or something because it was a waste of 11 hours.

Year 12 Day 101 20:20
Your question is ridiculous. Thats like saying "I started prospecting 12 hours ago but it just told me it didnt find any deposits! Why couldnt it have told me 12 hours ago it wasnt going to find anything?"
Because it hadnt happened yet.
Same answer to yours. This is your exact question, just rephrased. Hopefully it sounds wonky to you too.
"Why didnt the game tell me 12 hours ago I was going to drop a door on my head 1 hour ago?"
Because it hadnt happened yet. Standard timeline we all live in. You didnt drop a door on your head 11 hours ago, you just did it now in the present. Thats why it didnt tell you in the past.
Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey... stuff.
--Arch, out.

Year 12 Day 101 23:36
And door frames can fall on you before you finish upgrading doors.

Year 12 Day 101 23:39
You should be more careful next time.

Year 12 Day 102 8:58
Let's just skip to the end of the entire SWC game.


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Edited By: Jesfa on Year 12 Day 75 2:19
Year 12 Day 102 11:28
How about we skip to combat first?

On topic: I sure hope you weren't staring at the countdown timer for 11 hours. You should have read the Rules and seen that your more than likely to fail while installing a blast door. My advice? Try again, and again, and again until you take enough damage to fall unconscious.

Edit: My bad, you were only staring at the counter for 11 hours, not 12

Edited By: Joe Falco on Year 12 Day 102 11:35
Year 12 Day 102 12:16
Let's just skip to the end of the entire SWC game. 

I win.

Reset, anyone?


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