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Archives » Is this the future of SWC? Concerned.
Deakon Jarvis

I was doing random searches of the galaxy and came across this.
We all know about tax planets and how they pretty much kill and dull the exploration of planet surfaces (massed produced with profit facs -not balanced to actually cover all parts of what a city is meant to work with), but now whole systems are in danger of same fate.

I am totally surprised nothing was said about economy in admin get to together this year, when it was a hot topic last year.

Is there any improvements in economy to stop or balance the steady increase of cluttering a galaxy with stuff that is over excess due to nature of abundant credits other than combat?

Im concerned that the adventure of unknown, colonial settlements where law and order is questionable or "virgin" systems away from civilized govt control are going to be rare or extinct. Mystery is key to adventure as well as areas limiting building in size, profits and building time may that be places like space, no atmosphere/toxic/hot /cold/gas giants. Terrain types could also help so give creatures a chance in natural habitat.

Any improvements or was this shelved?

If that is real (and don't really see why it wouldn't be), it looks like one of multitude of rich idiots in the Old Boys Club got bored one day and decided to fill a system with crap

I had kind of been hopeful (foolishly) that big things like economy, races team, research, npc scripts, galaxy [especially galaxy, since we KNOW it's on the plate] were actually discussed and just never mentioned to the public group since we lacked the video updates like the last few years. I had hoped there was more to it than "rawr combat combat combat, beer beer beer!" But given that the c-word and some new member stuff are the only things that slipped out and we still haven't heard anything else, it's starting to look like:

A) It was talked about but the discussion has stayed internal and isn't being filtered down to gen. pop.
B) It was all stuffed on the shelf for wargames demos.

I pray it was A), because B) is going to leave us with a looooooooong and painful year.

*though i listed several "big issue omissions" I am directly referencing your concern about economy and galaxy among those. Didn't want you to think i was TOTALLY derailed.

The economy is a concern to the dev team. In the goals for the year is a new management tool to assist in diagnosing all the problems with the economy. The only thing holding it back is building the tool, which has up to now been problematic. Once they have that they will be able to focus on methods of fixing the problems.

Tiali that system was built by Blastech before they merged into RS. I believe they were planning on filling the entire system, as dreadful as that would be.


stations really doesn´t have anything to do with the economy. Only way to stop that kind of development would be to limit the number of stations you can build in a system or simply make it so they are not visible.

and per usual what should be balanced/stopped and why when it comes to the economy.


Deakon Jarvis

stations really doesn´t have anything to do with the economy. 

Thats a bit short sighted when faction is building it very quickly and using credits gained from economic sources (majority from Tax planets) and RMs and NPCs to build them. There are alot of shipyards there to which also help economic for faction.

Having a limit is not the point, but maintaining such structures and making it viable to the economy of system should be the way to look at problem. Building rates are massively over balanced, you can build cities faster than SSD. It is a shame mynocks are not on creatures list, this would be a lovely breeding ground for them to feed (damage) and multiply.

As an Artist it really is ugly, distracts appeal visually and shows how much common sense and what players can do stuff (cause of the sake they can) which is against the logic of how things work in SW and how far they can stretch the golden rule (or look at it in interpreting rule) to their advantage.

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Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

As an artist all I want to see are the same empty systems you have everywhere else in the galaxy. Heaven forbid someone does something in them that sets it apart from the rest.

so you are saying that systems will never or may never look like that if you do some magically changes to the economy?

so economy issue, art issue and golden rule violation?


with combat actually (almost) touchable I would say that the golden answer of combat solves everything is actually true here. Drop an SSD in the system and those stations won't know what hit them (yes with accompnaying support fleet etc. but strategy aside and all that).

With space combat and full ground combat will come 'cleansing'.


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