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Year 12 Day 103 9:07
Over my time in SWC I have created numerous accounts in the banner exchange. This is due to the fact that every time I try to log in, my password or handle doesn't work, and when I go to "lost password" and type in my handle/username, I get no response.

I just started a new one again. It seems to work currently, but it always has right off the start. I am guessing that every time it doesn't work and I create a new one the old one gets deleted or something?

Whatever the case, it is kind of getting annoying.

So, now that I have a new one, the old ones are fine to delete, but if I go back there and my password doesn't work again, and when I go to lost password and receive no email, what am I supposed to do besides create a new account?

And yes, I have tried IRCs swc-help on different occasions for different problems and more often than not I get no response.


Year 12 Day 103 11:26
Ryan Roche

The person that can help you with this problem is the Banner Exchange Director ( Char`Kargis Olort ), who also has limited control over the most unstable system which is the BannerX. Every time you create a new account your old one does not get deleted, it doesn't check for existing accounts under the same name or under the same e-mail.

Once you lose your password you should contact the BannerX Director who will give you a new one/your old one so you can access your account again. At any rate do not create a new account because it just frustrates the PR team. Also, for help regarding the BannerX go to #swc-pr.

I realise you are annoyed by this case, but the way the BannerX works is beyond repair. I understood the solution to this would be to write a whole new system/code and for that we need available and willing coders. And simply the BannerX is not in top priority over the other projects.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 103 15:15
'tis true...

I can help you, no problem, as long as you have your account handle. If you don't, it's a much more painful process


This calls for a subtle blend of psychology and extreme violence.

Year 12 Day 103 19:50
Thanks. I really don't mean to come across as pissed about it. Stuff happens. I appreciate the help. I will DM you Char. Thanks both of you. This was very helpful. Cheers