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Year 12 Day 103 9:18
Helena Gladio

I've posted 2 bugreports, 1 six weeks ago, and 1 two weeks ago.

But no response to that what so ever. Not even assigned to someone.

I opened a supportticket. No response.

Ehm, people are busy etc. But even an answer seems to be not possible from the admins/asims/coders/ticketdistributors.

What can We, as players of this game, do to get a response from someone higher up? :(



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 12 Day 103 9:31
Ordinii Gotha

Be patient. I had an entity bug and waited several months, but it was fixed eventually :)

Year 12 Day 103 9:51
Helena Gladio

I do try. But when nobody responds to it, #SWC-Help people can't help (thanks Kai for answering though!) and tickets aren't answered, i feel a bit.. Well... Forgotten.

Besided that, our two factions have a strategy plan running, and we can't proceed for weeks now.

And the problems the bug created, can be patched by an asim. Not the bug itself but the problem at hand.

And i want to emphasize that i acknowledge the hard work of the admins.



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Year 12 Day 103 10:29
Zero Turner

As long as they get to the more relevant bugs that effect people far greater it's all good in my book. Though an update would be nice stating, it'll be looked at ;) I have one report from November still active and acknowledged. But it's also one of those things that's not really key to the Combines gameplay, it's best to have movement issues, respawn issues, and construction issues for example be handled on a top priority because people will be in a pickle ;)

Year 12 Day 103 11:23
Helena Gladio

One of those is a semi productionbug ^



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 12 Day 103 19:30
What makes you think you are more important than the 98 other unassigned bugs on the bug base?

Right, nothing, now shut up and wait for them to be fixed.

Maybe next time you'll actually read the instructions and: NOT POST DUPLICATE BUGS and INCLUDE THE CORRECT INFORMATION IN YOUR BUGS.

Year 12 Day 103 19:51
The usual polite post from Clarr.

What impression will new players get of the Admins/Dev's after reading posts like this from Clarr and seeing that he holds numerous admin positions? They won't get a very good impression of the combine and it'll be yet another reason that the retention of new players is low.

Year 12 Day 103 20:08
Go have a cry.

The instructions are clear, and if you want to ignore them and waste my time, I can do the same with you and ignore your bugs.

None of her bugs are formatted in a way that is required by that page, or supply all the information required by that page.

Year 12 Day 104 3:15
Helena Gladio

Yes just keep talking down to players. When there is a discussion about why the playerbase went down from 5000 to 3900 this could be a reason. I keep responding and playing, but when you (keep) talk(ing) like this to players, they will just quit.

I'm just a bit frustrated by being ignored. My supportticket isn't acknowledged, my bugreport are being ignored.

We just want to have fun. Not run into bugs, and then be ignored.

We started a faction, but we can't issue stocks for RP and creditreasons.
We cannot use the main dc, and we are waiting for weeks.

And yes, we can wait for weeks and weeks while nothing happens. But i'm pro active, so i filed a thread in here.

And it works, because now i know the format was incorrect. Fixed that.

Can we get a patch? Like we get the dc manually attached, or the stocks removed from Arakyd and moved to my inventory?



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 12 Day 104 4:14
Yes, and now that you have I followed your instructions to the word on both bugs on dev and I was unable to reproduce either of them, so now they're closed.

Try harder next time.

Year 12 Day 104 4:40
Helena Gladio

My faction, Arakyd has stocks divided among some members of the community.

Was that the same with your faction on Dev?



Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 12 Day 104 12:42
I am unable to run into any problems with either issuing or selling stocks.

Year 12 Day 104 14:01
Helena Gladio

I invite you to log in to my account, and issue stocks from the faction Orion Syndicate.

If you succeed i will do a Mea Culpa.

I'm not trying to create more work, or to be annoying.

I just want to make use of a feature (creating stocks), but i can't succeed, because the codes say we are not the sole owner of the creating faction.

(in summary: Arakyd owns Orion. Some stocks of Arakyd are in circulation)

Edited By: Helena Gladio on Year 12 Day 104 14:24


Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 12 Day 104 15:00
I can't login to your account (which is stated on the page Clarr linked you to earlier, which is why we need to be given enough information).

So you want to issue stocks from Orion Syndicate. There are currently no stocks of Orion Syndicate in circulation, only the ones that are owned by Arakyd. Orion Syndicate is fully owned by Arakyd. When the owner of Arakyd goes to issue stocks for Orion Syndicate, it says that you cannot issue stocks in Orion Syndicate, because you are not the sole owner of Orion Syndicate?

Year 12 Day 104 15:08
Helena Gladio

Almost correct aside from the last part.

When i, the owner of Arakyd, try to issue stocks from Orion, there is a green bar (just like the red one when you make a mistake) saying:

As your faction does not have a sole owner, you cannot issue more stocks. 

I guess this is about Arakyd, since they have a few stocks in circulation, and Orion is sole owned by Arakyd.

Edited By: Helena Gladio on Year 12 Day 104 15:11


Shout out to my fellow Falleen:
Year 12 Day 104 15:56
You seem to have a problem reading or understanding or something, since I don't see the word "dev" anywhere in that page.

Your instructions are shit and don't replicate the problem, so do it yourself, until then I've prioritised this to "after combat".

Year 12 Day 104 16:23
Helena Gladio

Your attitude is shit Clarr.

But it could be my explaination. But since a few others understood the explaination? Andthey fixed the bug as they called it.

That you couldn't comprehend the case.. Well.. It is fixed.



Shout out to my fellow Falleen: