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Archives » Idiot got a ship stuck on a building

Don't ask me how, but one of my faction has gotten themselves stuck on a buliding. He's not bright enough to come here and ask for help, instead he's demanding things of his leaders. So would one of you be kind enough to move him to the ground nearby the buliding? Here's his and the ships Information.

YT-1300 MSX-Hunter

Commander: Rekkon Blackhole
Pilot: Rekkon Blackhole

Sector: Mayagil
Galactic Position: Teke Ro (65, -333)
Planet Position: Cona (16, 10)
City Position: Garon (0, 2)
Ground Position: (3, 3)

Okay, I'm going to assume the ship is over the building, and he's in the building, or on the ground outside it.

What he needs to do is go BACK into the building. Then from the entry room, he needs to hit ENTER, and then he should be able to choose his ship.

A fairly simple problem to solve, if you put a little thought into it.


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Exactly. Since this is a problem that can be solved IC, I'd say it's up to him and his faction to solve it. If he can't re-enter the building, send a ship to his/her location (hovering over the building at his position) and enter the ship from there.



Well no one said everyone was intelligent. I haven't spent much time on a planet so I wasn't aware of situations such at this. It has been taken care of however. Thanks.