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Year 7 Day 12 14:35

I would like to add descriptions to objects which currently don't have one.

I have tried to e-mail descriptions to descriptions@swcombine.com but have been consistently blocked for some reason.

Is there any other way I can contribute?

Uzziah Akim

Year 7 Day 12 18:28
hmm, musn't have been set up yet, give it a day or two and try again.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 12 22:09
Selene Tal-Kyrte

This doesn't have to do with the initial posts, however, I was just curious about the "Battle Droid" (yes I know they aren't out yet) and their terrain restriction. Specifically, one of their terrain restrictions is grassland. This doesn't seem to make no sense as grassland offers no impedement to travel (as far as I know, having seen grasslands myself). Also, in the battle of Naboo, legions of these Battle Droids are seen fighting the Gunguns on grasslands.

Just curious.

Year 7 Day 13 10:10
I believe it's just a matter of fixing the address because of our new Descriptions Team leader, as Khan said, give it a day, erstwhile you can still eMail them manually to falin_dorn@holo.swcombine.com

Selene, thanks for pointing out the error, fixed it! (Also sent a few CPs), please point out any others you notice (Other than weight)


Year 7 Day 13 11:07
Selene Tal-Kyrte

Okay, I found a few other terrain errors for the droids. It wasn't only the "Battle Droid" that restricted by grassland, but indeed [i]all[/i] military droids...as well as protocal droids and medical droids (the FX-7 is doubly-restriced by grassland...that is, grassland is listed twice...) I think whoever changes them will probably find a terrain restricition that is nonsensical to every droid almost. just an fyi

Year 7 Day 13 11:12
Tai`to Kale

Terrain restrictions are all messed up, we really need someone to revise them. And that someone should check sources before making an X-34 that can move almost i any surface and a Koro-2 that can't.

Year 7 Day 13 13:32
Selene Tal-Kyrte

She looks at Tai'to

Are you following me in my posts.....? :P

Edited By: Selene Tal-Kyrte on Year 7 Day 13 13:33
Year 7 Day 13 19:20
Go for it Tai'to :)

Post it on the Rules Suggestions forum when you're done.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 13 20:05
Tai`to Kale

No Selene, i was merely trying to get attention to the things that are heavily bugging me. I have been working with rules for other sites so long i can't get the habit out of my mind.

Ships / Vehicles:
We are not accepting any new ships/vehicles or stat changes. 

Mmm... thought i couldn't Khan. But then again... Expect a rather long post on restrictions and other stuff that i find strange soon. And i don't mean soonTM, i mean soon a few days.

Edited By: Tai`to Kale on Year 7 Day 13 20:06
Year 7 Day 14 15:22
Have tried to send a description through again today but failed again. Have sent it to falin_dorn@holo.swcombine.com

Should I wait until the address is fixed before sending more through?

Uzziah Akim

Year 7 Day 14 18:50
Tai'to, that was put in more to combat the "I want my TIE fighters to have extra guns!" type stuff, and heavy fighting about what types of guns an XL-7000 has


Year 7 Day 14 19:10
Tai`to Kale

So, i can point what in my opinion (i consult sources, but that won't make it less of an opinion) are mistakes or bad representations of cannonical stuff (such as terrain restrictions or speeds) and i won't be breaking the board rules?

I really want to make sure before a giant hammer falls from the heavens and baninates my account. I am even considering posting less just to not be too annoying (i think i am getting into people's nerves....)

On topic: Uzziah, you can wait until it's fixed... try every couple of days with both addresses. Remember to save the message to your computer so you won't have to redo it every time.

Year 7 Day 14 19:24
I've been working on a list of possible terrain restriction changes for a while
I'll send em to you Tai'to


Year 7 Day 14 20:17
aye, what Keir said. Speeds might be pushing it a bit, they'd be taken care of by the stats revision.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 15 14:56
Tai`to Kale

Ok, i have only been able to review speeders for now. This might take slightly longer than i thought. Considering i want to be as sure as possible, meanining that i will check as many sources as i can.

That would be good as an extra reference Marcus (wow, there are a ton of marcuses in the combine) will be waiting for it.

Year 7 Day 16 15:49
Selene Tal-Kyrte

I know combat isn't out yet, but for sake of detail....

Under the weapons listing, non-projectile, the pic for "Sword," "vibro-blade," and "whip" are all the same....that is, they are all a sword. fyi

Year 7 Day 16 17:55
Have let Keir know Selene, ta


Kids these days!