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Year 12 Day 105 23:04
Brad Koperski

i just started playing and could use some pointers on what to do
i need a faction, i applied earlier today but all my request are gone i dont know if they were rejected or what
also i figure ill need to find some place to get a blaster for protection
also how to i edit my bio and description

Year 12 Day 106 2:48
Eshini`el Sandhawk

Hi Brad,

With some factions you need to wait 3-4 days to be accepted, if they don`t do anything after 5 send a request to other one. You can send a message to recruitment liason of the faction and ask.
Click to go to factions list
When you click one of the faction names you can see who is a recruitment liason of the faction.

When you get some cash you can buy a blaster on CPM http://market.centrepointstation.com/
or maybe your faction will provide you with one. Ground combat is not there yet, so you`ll need a blaster in future.

To edit bio and description click 'Character' It`s on the right Panel under 'Manage', over your Inventory. In character screen click 'Edit Brad Koperski's profile'.

Have fun.

Year 12 Day 106 3:20
All your join requests are gone since you can only have one active at a time. As soon as you send a join request to another faction, the previous one is deleted.

Year 12 Day 106 10:35
Brad Koperski

Theres no ground combat yet?
thats lame
how long you think it will take till they add ground combat

Year 12 Day 106 10:45
This game is created by volunteers in their spare time. We're currently working on adding ground combat, and other forms of combat will evolve from there. Hopefully some type of player-vs-creature combat will be released relatively soon.