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Year 12 Day 107 15:11

Hi I filled out the form to join over a week ago . It said I would get my login information in a few hours . When I not heard from you guys a few days later I sent email to techsupport the mail bounced back . So a few days later I open ticket no response no ticket number. I can not check status of ticket because I did not receive ticket number. Today I sent email agian to techsupport it bounced back. Can someone send me login information handle Jan Hutti email janpac@Juno.com

Year 12 Day 107 15:18
Please make sure your email account's spam filter allows emails from swcombine.com to pass through and use the Lost Password feature on the front page to get a new password.

Year 12 Day 107 15:26

Hi Mr. Togan I used lost email twice both times it said successful . Also my spam filter is off .

Year 12 Day 107 15:27
I don't think we have any emails that sound anything similar to "techsupport", so it might help to actually try emailing someone at a real address who can help you.


(After checking your spam filter, as Togan said)

Year 12 Day 107 17:28
Check your Junk Folder - they quite often get sent there.


Year 12 Day 108 0:27

Hi Mr. Ellias

I have checked both junk and trash they are both empty. My spam filter is off. I have used lost password several times each time it says successful check your e-mail. When i check e-mail nothing. Can someone simply e-mail me login ?


Year 12 Day 108 2:31
Every time you used the Lost Password feature, an email with your login details was sent to that address ... if it doesn't arrive there, it must be a problem on your side (I've tested the feature myself and received an email just fine).

Neither of us has access to your password, thus we cannot send you one manually.

Year 12 Day 108 2:54
Its also possible you misspelled your email when registering, so its working fine, just sending the email to a non-existant email address. If you make a support ticket an ASim can look to check and see what the email address is used, and update it if you did indeed spell it wrong - or at least tell you what the email was if it is completely different to what you posted here. Just make sure you put in your characters handle so they can check it...


Year 12 Day 108 3:03
I've already checked that, and the email he posted is the same as the one in the database ...

Year 12 Day 108 10:58
Do you have a different e-mail address that it could be changed to, to see if you can receive through that one?


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Year 12 Day 112 2:40

Hi Mr. Hal
I have new email janpac2011@aol.com. Thank you for your help

Year 12 Day 113 11:57
Jan Hutti
Jan Hutti
Thanks for help I am here now :)