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Archives » Custom NPC picture change
Year 12 Day 110 9:17
Hey there, I need to figure out how to change the picture on a custom NPC. It will be the exact same pic as before, I just need to change the url, because the account the old one was hosted on closed. Who should I contact?


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Year 12 Day 110 12:48
Xu Xlaar Vivan
Xu Xlaar Vivan
Go to CP, click exchange CPs, go down to custom images, do what you would to submit a custom for them but go to "reset to default". I don't think it takes any CPs.

Year 12 Day 110 12:51
I dont think he wanted to reset to default.

Contact one of the Art Team members, not sure if all of them can do it but Jevon or Ryan, they can change the links for you.


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Year 12 Day 110 16:30
Thanks, yeah I wanted to continue using the same custom image I had before, so default would not help. The service I was hosting the original image on (Virb) went pay, so I switched to photobucket, but wasn't sure how to switch the links. thanks!


There is more to this life than these eyes alone can see...
Year 12 Day 110 19:02
Yeah, just send a polite DM to jevon with the NPC id and new url and he'll swap it over for you.