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Year 12 Day 112 20:19
I can't access IRC on my computer, it'll work on other computers but not this one. Can anyone give me a suggestion please

Edited By: Obadiah Price on Year 12 Day 112 20:48

Year 12 Day 113 0:09
Can you be more specific? What's it doing? Not doing? Error messages?


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Year 12 Day 113 8:57
The chat screen won't show up, it'll ask if I want to allow this program and I'll click yes but nothing happens.


Year 12 Day 120 19:28
so what should I do?


Year 12 Day 120 20:58
Alright, are you using a program to try and access irc, or are you trying to access it from this website? If from this website does your computer have Java installed and up to date? etc.. etc.. more info please.

Year 12 Day 120 22:08
What browser/version? Is Java installed and up to date? Do you have any other computer security settings that would block Java from running?

Year 12 Day 121 18:59
I am using the website and have unistalled and reinstalled Java it is at the most current one I believe. It asks me if I want to block unsafe data from java and I always click no.


Year 12 Day 125 19:34
so what should i do?


Year 12 Day 125 20:58
Answer the question about browser/version asked by Mikel. A browser is what you use to view the internets, such as "internet explorer" or "firefox" the version is what it will tell you when you go to "about ***" such is ie8.0--- or firefox 3.6.16.

You could always try installing an irc client on you computer, so you do not have to use the website browser.

Year 12 Day 125 21:34
Iuse internet explorer


Year 12 Day 126 0:49
I'd suggest you use a downloadable client (e.g. mIRC or XChat) for IRC. It's a lot more comfortable than the java client on the SWC website.

Year 12 Day 127 13:14
Ok I got XChat, For some reason when I put in irc.swc-irc.com for the server it says unknow host, maybe you misspelled it?

what should I do now?


Year 12 Day 127 14:14
Try irc.swcombine.com as server, otherwise try sending a ping to irc.swc-irc.com to see if the problem might be with your ISP.