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Year 12 Day 115 5:36

I am really new to the game and have read some of the F.A.Q. but not seem to help. I was invited by a friend and have joined a faction. I have yet to spawn my character and when i click the 'Select Spawn Location' and am greeted with this message
"Fatal error: Call to undefined method ArrayUtil::is_entity_array() in /swcombine/http/main/libs/server21/database/DB.inc on line 356 Error on the page, could not run shutdown functions"
Have logged out, tried both Firefox and IE8.
Any help and suggestion is most welcomed.

Year 12 Day 115 7:18
Welcome. Unfortunately you seem to have hit a particularly nasty bug. Usually we tell people to post it in the bug base (link is at teh bottom of the sidebar, you will need to create a new account as its not linked to your SWC account automatically), but since you are new that may be a little confusing.

Hopefully a friendly admin will see this and get a coder to fix the issue. In the meantime, have a look at the factions and see about joining one if you have not already. Browse the forums and get a feel for the place, and have a look through the rules to see how things are.


Year 12 Day 115 7:51
should be fixed now

Year 12 Day 116 3:45
Thanks for the replies and the bug is now fixed.