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Year 12 Day 119 3:25
Deakon Jarvis

Im curious to know how this is done or how long after when a member contributes they are rewarded CP.s?

I didnt know you could till I read sim news-thought it was only for those to get the new holocron up quickly.

Year 12 Day 120 4:26
At the moment, there are weekly rewards for holocron contributions.
Rewards are managed by Jennifer Dreighton.


Sim Master Veynom

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Year 12 Day 129 23:31
Deakon Jarvis

So done by hand by one player which will take awhile to search and distribute.

Is there a minimum size limit?
I added a few paragraphs/sentences

EDITED: Wow I think I just got rewarded CP's very impressed the amount 400, to help IC flavour than going on website votes.

Note under CP Sheet ...no event of CP's

Edited By: Deakon Jarvis on Year 12 Day 131 1:05
Year 12 Day 149 23:57
I'm wondering, is it judged by actual content you put in or just the amount of bits and bytes?


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