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Year 12 Day 119 12:48
Ragglor Sterbew

Says an Uneducated New Member:

Hello, those who lurk the Question threads. I am going to be buying some equipment and such when I land in Coruscant in four days; both from the market and perhaps some other civilians.

Since I currently lack access to the market and making purchases, I was curious as to how much the average, plain-old ship would cost, as well as one with hyperdrive.

Thanks to any who can help!

Year 12 Day 119 13:27
Ships can not be bought from a market just yet, except from the usual Player's market known as the Centre Point Market (CPM)

CP's are good to get your own ship. Click links and earn them and trade them in when you have enough for your own ship.

As far as average prices, you would need to look here:

Another option is to find a ship production Faction and see what their prices are for a ship.

Year 12 Day 119 17:27
Um, ships can be bought from the NPC market, its just that they are usually priced so low in comparison to the player market that people grab them straight away.


Year 12 Day 119 23:02
Ah believe Skeltsco was referring to NPC shops (like where you buy the staves and worker overalls and knives), not the NPC Market (where you buy hundreds of keycards)

Year 12 Day 121 10:09
Ragglor Sterbew

Perfect! Thanks for everyone's answers. ^^

Year 12 Day 121 21:01
Correct..NPC..not Darkness's been a long while since I have seen a ship on there tho. But there is endless supply of keycards.


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