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Year 12 Day 119 14:20
Hi, I hired a freighter pilot in the hall of a starport. Then I command him to board a one seat fighter, but I forgot to create a squad. So now that I can't command the NPC pilot,
is there a way to get him unboard so I could create a squad ant then he'll follow me , each in his fighter ?

The only solution I see atm is to get a capital ship/freighter with a docking bay and move the 2 fighters on; but I don't have a such ship atm.

Thanks !

Year 12 Day 119 14:39
NPC pilots don't actually fly anything, all you need to do is board another fighter (not sure if it has to be the same type, or can just be any fighter) go to the Ship Inventory and the Piloted Tab and select the other fighters (the ones you are not in) and go to the DropDown menu at the bottom of the page and select [Set Controller] and click on the (Set NPC Controlled) button before hitting [Process]

Hope that is understandable :)

Year 12 Day 119 17:23
Amazingly, Tiali has it right for once.

You cannot create a squad before you get into a ship. However once you get to the other side, you will currently need ASim assistance to get the pilot out of hte fighter.


Year 12 Day 120 15:48
Great ! I got it done, since I did it the pilot is following me in a squad.

Thanks Tiali, you shouldn't be more understandable as you said. :)

@Ellias: ok right, and how could I use ASim assistance ?

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Year 12 Day 120 21:15
Tabty Haasza

You can also fire the NPC from the NPC Inventory page.

This is probably what an ASim will tell you to do...

You will lose the NPC and have to hire a new one, but you will be able to get back in your ship.


Tabty Haasza || CEO / Owner || Akheton Corporation

Year 12 Day 120 21:50
Make a support ticket requesting it with reelvant IDs of NPCs and rooms to move to.


Year 12 Day 121 15:00
Make a support ticket requesting it with reelvant IDs of NPCs and rooms to move to. 

thanks Ellias.

I'm planning to sell the fighters with the pilot include, in another case I'll fire it.