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Year 12 Day 120 18:07
Setekh Creed

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to stop this from happening. Everytime I make an image and post it on the combine from Photobucket, you can click on it and see my photobucket link/albums, so people can take my art. Is there a way so I can post the picture in a thread/post and people can not click on it?

Any help will be appreciated, because I plan on posting pictures for an upcoming project on the forums, but I might have to find a different way to post them, if they can't be made "un-sticky" or "De-stuck".

Thank you.

Setekh Creed

Year 12 Day 120 18:16
Are you using code that photobucket gives you? Or are you working from the code box for HTML on the right when you post?


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Year 12 Day 120 18:48
Setekh Creed

I use the code that photobucted gives to me.

Year 12 Day 120 19:36
Don;t use photobucket code.

Click add reply right now at the bottom of this thread. (seriously... click it right now)

Once you click add reply, look directly to the right of the text box that you type into.

You will see a list of HTML that can be used here.

Look down the list until you find the code associated with LINK

It shoudl look like this:

img src=""/a>

To complete this tag you will want to place a < in front of the img src

In between the two quotation marks " and " (where it says http: etc) this is where you will want to place the location that you picture is located (copy and paste into this location)

It will show your pic without a link



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Year 12 Day 120 19:44
Setekh Creed

Thank you so much. Let me try this. I hope it works.


Year 12 Day 120 20:30
Year 12 Day 120 20:33
Or better yet, take the picture you want and upload it anonymously to imageshack. Then use the method Heek described to post the photo. The reason being people can still go to your photobucket account if you do what you did with the emblem. For example I went and looked at your album and saw that nifty papyrus thingy with your avatar saying "Senet game of creed"

Year 12 Day 120 21:15
Setekh Creed

I think I fixed it. Let me know if you can still see my album though. THanks for the help everyone!

Year 12 Day 120 21:23
Yes, yes I can. What did you do?

Year 12 Day 120 21:40
Setekh Creed

I went to privacy settings and made it so people cant see my album...or so I though. lol. How are you seeing my album. Dm me