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Year 12 Day 120 18:13
Nick Dusk

I have died and am trying to figure out what are some good stats? I was thinking stealth because You may not get arrested as easily. I was also thinking about star fighter piloting because it will speed things up. Overall question: What are the only things I should pick to upgrade, and out of those skills, which are the best?

Year 12 Day 120 18:14
What do you want your character to do? What skills allow/support this?

Pick those.


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Year 12 Day 121 7:44
Caes`hla Csapla

Define a goal for your character and stick to the skills that fit that goal. Want to be a Captain of a Frigate? Cap-related Space skills. Dirt Pounding Builder? Go for Leadership and maybe Comp Ops so you can prospect in your spare time.

Think long-term. It's best to make your character with the thought that Combat will eventually come out, as well as other features such as R&D. If you want to do those with your character, make a character that fits those roles, otherwise you won't be any good at it when it is released and could possibly end up sunning just to make a character that fits that template.

Summary: See Hal's post.