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Year 12 Day 122 11:05
I'm trying to repackage all of the items in a room into crates and I get an error. I try to package just a few into crates or move them between rooms, and I get a message saying that nothing was selected.

I'm trying to sell these items, but I can't do anything with them.

Edit: The plot thickens!

I had a bunch of crates in this room, full of items. I emptied the crates so I could pack the weapons in smaller batches.

I've been experimenting with this pile of items, and I noticed that all of the items that were there before I emptied the crates can be used and moved as normal. All of the weapons that were removed from the crates can't be edited in any way. I can't change their name in my inventory, I can't load them into another ship or station, and I can't repack them into crates again.

Edit Again:
It appears that this resolved itself. My guess is that it took about an hour for the crates to empty, as every few minutes, a crate disappeared and a few more weapons were on the ground. Everything is working properly now.

Edited By: Dulgan Swift on Year 12 Day 122 12:10
Year 12 Day 122 16:05
I don't think you are seeing the whole picture.

Things won't happen slowly, nor will they empty themselves minutes or hours later -- you can only do one thing at a time, and if you start doing something that might take a while, you will be unable to load any other pages until that long-running page finishes loading.

I think what you are doing is submitting old pages with stale data.

If you open two pages up, and then try to package items in one, and then try to package the same items in the other, you will get an error message in the second one (because them items that you are seeing on the "stale screen" no longer exist)

Year 12 Day 122 16:14
I understand what you're saying, but I don't think that's what's going on. I had only one tab with Combine open. I know things like emptying crates aren't supposed to take time to happen, but I swear that's what was going on. I even closed my browser all together and logged out before trying again. Either way, the question is moot since everything is working just fine now.