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Year 12 Day 122 19:25
Galthar Spech
Galthar Spech
Hello all,

A little while ago i had stumbled upon something about room scripts, e.g. you get a message that says "Welcome aboard Galthar!" when you board your ship. I cannot for the life of me remember where i saw these scripts mentioned. Someone please tell me i'm not going crazy!

Thanks in advance!

Edited By: Galthar Spech on Year 12 Day 123 15:32

Year 12 Day 122 20:05
They were on the old Position interface. You can now find them under Room Travel -> Description. They're not quite as functional as they used to be.


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Year 12 Day 123 7:05
Yeah, you only see them if you go to the Description, and unless you know there is a custom description, why would you bother?

Year 12 Day 123 8:54
I think he means within the rules pages. SHould be on a page refering to room, room travel, movement something like that. But as Hal said, at the moment the wildcards don't work.


Year 12 Day 123 14:23
Galthar Spech
Galthar Spech
Yeah, what Ellias said. I think i stumbled across the rules page about them, but i cant remember where it was now i do thanks to Hal. So they don't work any more? Bummer. And i'm sorry if i offended Tiali for wanting to customize my ship.

Year 12 Day 130 4:27
I think you took Tiali's comment out of context.

Shea was trying to explain that when you board a ship, you don't automatically see the description of the room. (Which might actually be a cool thing to see.)

So you could enter 99 ships out of a hundred, click on 'Room Description' or whatever it's called, and see a blank window.

On your ship, if you customise the rooms, you (and of course anyone you ask to read your room descriptions) will know to look there. Most people will never know.

But I agree that a customised room is a great bit of role play ambiance. And it'd be awesome if the descriptions showed up whenever anyone entered the room. It'd make the effort you took of writing the description worthwhile. (Well, not that seeing it yourself isn't rewarding, but in terms of role play, it'd be a lot more fun for anyone who enters your ship to see your own unique description.)

Year 12 Day 130 6:13
Had a chat with Galthar shortly after that post and it's all sorted :)