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Year 12 Day 122 21:14
Hello, need help please, may I ask this unplaced item (ID:2114639) be spawned inside my ship (ID:158775). Thanks a bunch.

Year 12 Day 122 21:30
Custom items are placed when they are accepted, or deleted if they are declined.

Year 12 Day 122 22:28
Actually I've seen it placed before its accepted Clarr. Its been a bit misleading before. Can we get that checked?

Year 12 Day 122 22:31
Aah yes, Jevon is right :)

Year 12 Day 122 23:03
Jevon is wrong.

The item in question was not approved.

No unapproved items are placed.

I know this because your item has been declined, i.e. deleted.

Year 12 Day 123 6:23
I'd seen it happen before, it was likely a bug that got fixed. I just tested it myself, and it shouldn't appear.

Year 12 Day 123 6:51
Deleted Post
Deleted by Xyler Zero. Reason: Got it
Year 12 Day 125 5:41
Unlikely. More likely is a player asks an asim to place an unapproved item.