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Archives » NPC script has boggled my mind...
Harlynn Kinn
Harlynn Kinn

I have been toying around with the NPC script for the last few hours. However, it seems that as soon as I think iv figured it out...well it just gets muddled. Here is my problem. When i chose "How are you?" the tree takes me to "I am well." and does not allow me to make a response ("Goodbye"), and the same with "Can i have 50cr". When either of these choices are taken the tree simply ends the conversation. However, if i chose "Go die!"->"You first!" then im allowed to make a choice between "Goodbye" and "Stupid Kiffer!". Why am i not allowed to choice either of the two responses when i pick any of the first two options? What am i doing wrong? Please help. The NPCs script is below. Exactly as i have it right now. Thank you for your time. :)

-I should add that i had it working perfectly for awhile. And then it just stoped cooperating. Also, I have read the rules a number of times over. The text is less then user friendly, but i am not stupid. The rules fail to give me any insight.

Block: start

How are you? -> good
Can i have 50cr? -> better
Go die! -> bad

Block: good
I am well.

Block: better
Im going to get back to work now.

Block: bad
You first!

Goodbye. -> stillgood
Stupid Kiffer! -> stillbad

Block: stillbad
I hate you!

Block: stillgood

Edited By: Harlynn Kinn on Year 12 Day 127 1:48

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Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Neither of the first two scripts have been given any allowed responses so the conversation would terminate at that point. Just copy paste the response section from the 3rd block to the first two.

As Ka`rla said, you need a responses section under each section - you cannot have it so that one responses section deals with 3 or so block sections.


Year 12 Day 127 11:35
Harlynn Kinn
Harlynn Kinn
Hmmm. Not sure how i missed that. My excuses is that it was late. haha.

Thank you guys. :)


One foot in the grave. Another planted on your throat.
"Your focus. Needs more focus."