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Year 12 Day 130 21:25
Lorenzas Atticus
Lorenzas Atticus
I sent a trouble ticket in to the bug base almost three weeks ago and have not received a response so I will try it here.
I hired 36 NPC's that have a travel bug. I can explain it in more detail if desired but the attempted troubleshooting was rather extensive and there are two things I would kindly ask Admin to help me with:

1) Please disband the squads and erase all current travel orders.

2) Place the NPC's in my ship since I had to leave a lot of them and they will be very difficult and time consuming to retrieve even if they are debugged.

If these requests cannot be met than I would like to be reimbursed for the cost of the NPC's. Please feel free to DM me for more details when someone gets around to it. If this is the wrong forum for a request like this than please redirect me but like I mentioned before I have submitted a bug report and stopped by the chat room and was just told to be patient. Considering the bug caused me to be immobilized for over two weeks I would like to at least hear that someone is working on it.


Year 12 Day 131 13:09
ANother option, should the asims miss this (unlikely) is to throw a support ticket at them.

Year 12 Day 131 21:38
Lorenzas Atticus
Lorenzas Atticus
Thanks Jevon I just did. Is this the kind of thing that Admin usually can fix? It has been a really frustrating three weeks since this issue cropped up. I know all the dev team are volunteers and I really appreciate their work but I am hoping I can get some sort of confirmation that this issue is at least being looked into.