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Year 12 Day 134 4:00
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
Year 12 Day 133:: Today a new company opens for business. Blastech specializes in Recycling and will be led by Dulgan Swift. The first headquarters of Blastech today opened in Rocky1.


People can just reuse a faction's name after it dissolves? I mean, if for any reason the GE decides to merge all their union factions into one coalition, I can create a faction with "Galactic Empire" as its name? Sounds disturbing to me.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 134 5:35
If the name is no longer being used then what's the problem?

Year 12 Day 134 6:05
Alexander von Ismay
Alexander von Ismay
I find it odd, that a Recycling Group has a Weapons Mfg name... but maybe Mr. Swift didn't want to be limited by its lack of data-cards (only able to rent). To each their own.

But if the name is gone, why wouldn't they have the ability to use it?
Look at the Rebel Alliance Info group, its there to keep the name from being snatched up.

Welcome to Star Wars Combine. :) I've been here 11 years, I see names come and go, and come back and go again all the time. Get used to it. It's a game to have fun.

I feel the urge to make a company named ESS now! >_>
j/k Ryan.

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Year 12 Day 134 8:34
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche

We need copyrights! :P



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 134 9:13
Ya do have copyright (sort of): as long as the name is in use, no one else can use it :P

Year 12 Day 134 10:43
Well, I was not aware that a Blastech even existed in the past. I was surprised it wasn't around, but had I known about the old Blastech, I would have chosen a different name.

Year 12 Day 134 11:43
Deleted Post
Deleted by Tiali Bixa-Loca. Reason: Following Ryan's suggestion
Year 12 Day 134 12:10
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
Ignoring what Tiali said

Dulgan you might want to look at this:




Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 145 19:31

To be honest we stated in the text that the faction is an older name I actually SENT messages to the admin team and they didn't respond in a negative way