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Year 12 Day 205 23:12
Damn proxies huh.

And yes they can ban you - its in the terms and conditions. Maybe you should read them.


Year 12 Day 205 23:17
Shuji Shizuka

Get your lawyer to look them over>_>

And didn't John get around those band by a proxy before?

Hey John, how are you?


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Year 12 Day 205 23:59
What laws am I breaking?

I know I shouldn't be feeding the trolls, but I find this funny :P

Go-on, if you're a lawyer, state which laws I am breaking and cite previous cases where this has occurred. Seems to be the least a lawyer would do :)


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Year 12 Day 206 0:12
Incidentally, the owner of SWC isn't American. Just, you know, throwin' that out there.



Year 12 Day 206 0:22
Shuji Shizuka

Which actually raises a question that I thought at random the other day. What laws(if any) does SWC fall under? Those of the country of the founder,(I'm assuming) Belgium? Or whatever country the server is in(I'm guessing, again) The U.S.? I know that laws regarding the internet are scarce at best, but I'm just curious really.


This user is currently in the process of moving, and so is semi-inactive.
Year 12 Day 206 5:35
Ryan Roche

Then start your own thread and stop bringing this up.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 206 6:27
This is going to be fun! :)

Year 12 Day 206 8:08
If you think SWC is out of the reach of the American legal system because its owner is Belgian, you have a hilariously rosy view of world politics.

See: the case of, recent server seizures in Virginia (

Not that I don't think this is all very stupid. >_>

Year 12 Day 206 8:43
I can ban your IP, I have banned your IP, and will continue to ban each proxy IP you use.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 206 12:11
It's a dynamic IP Arete... all he needs to do is reset his router.

However, since he decided to 'attack' us on Facebook (reporting our RSS feed as threatening), I decided to search for the name that came up with his email... sure enough, there's only one there. And in his friends list are all his illegal multis, since he used his friends' email addresses to get back on.. Seems like I have the right guy.

So, if he gets back on here to read this...

John. This ends now.

Otherwise, I will email your mother with all the crap you've sent me. All the legal threats, all the swearing, all the times you've said you'll "call a friend to finded and murder [my] family" and similar threats against other members of staff.

I'm sure she'll love seeing her son act the way you have :)

You were banned from this game permanently. Your actions since your original 24 hour ban have justified that, and it is EXTREMELY unlikely you will ever be unbanned. The sooner you realise that, and realise the fact that any other character you make will also be banned the moment we catch you, the better.

I don't like resorting to telling your mother what you've been doing, but you have been acting like a child in regards to this, so it's more than fair to treat you like one.


Unless specifically stated, this post is not the view of the Star Wars Combine Administration and should not be viewed as such.
Year 12 Day 206 13:02

Year 12 Day 206 15:28
Christian Hall

Wow...Never ever thought I'd see an asim/Website owner/some one with power have to threaten to tell a players mom because they keep breaking rules and being a general nuisance.

I'll remember this for a very long time.

Year 12 Day 206 16:55
/me claps for Jenos.

Now thats how you deal with a problem. And i even made my sig with it.


Not even Death's embrace shall save you from me.

There are too many good guys in this galaxy, which is why you have me.

Year 12 Day 206 20:37
Jenos your kinda my hero hehe


can wisdom ever really overcome violence?

Year 12 Day 208 2:22
Guess he missed the message.

Year 12 Day 210 4:45
Jecket O Drachen

I'm quoting you in my signature Jenos for using a persons mother as a deterent for being a troll. Brilliant.

Edit: Fail. I demand someone increase my character count for my signature in order to show tribute to Jenos!

Edited By: Jecket O Drachen on Year 12 Day 210 4:51

Year 12 Day 210 13:11
i laughed at the last post. LOL I demand!


Year 12 Day 211 21:27
Olan Kaabe

I love you Jenos.

Feed the troll. Fan the flaming fires of Daygonland. Feed the troll. Fan the flames. Feed the troll.


Year 12 Day 211 21:51
Its hilarious how many new accounts that pop up for accepting that either have Daygon listed as using the same IP, or listing him as a multi.


Year 12 Day 212 0:45
I see a new cartoon in the making here,
'' I will email your mother ''

he he


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