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Archives » Force Sensative and Leveling
Year 12 Day 142 3:35
Nick Kalir
Nick Kalir
Let's say you were force sensitive at level 1 but were never tested. Then you level up. At level 2 you get tested. Will you still be force sensitive?

Year 12 Day 142 3:38
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Year 12 Day 142 3:42
Nick Kalir
Nick Kalir
Ok Thanks.

Year 12 Day 142 5:01
The server re-checks if you are infected every 5 levels starting with lvl 1, if you get tested and are 'clean' before lvl 6 you can get tested again after lvl 6 (lvl 11, 16, etc)

If you are infected but not been tested the server doesn't bother checking you again (once you have been deemed infected, you will remain infected until you die, even if you don't get tested and giving positive results: midiclorians are a virus and the only known cure is death)

You could of course read the Rules

Year 12 Day 142 6:25
Tiali, as is typical you are speaking without doing your research.

Midi-chlorians are in fact, not a virus. You could of course read Wookieepedia and the definition of a virus.


Year 12 Day 142 9:38
Once you're determined by the server to be Force Sensitive, your facets are set and you are FS until you die.

Year 12 Day 142 18:14
Nick Kalir
Nick Kalir
Thanks guys. Helps me understand more know.