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Year 12 Day 142 7:14
Hello everyone,
I am having some difficulty trying to do some construction. While I would not be surprised if it is something I am doing wrong I have never had a problem building facilities before. So on to the details;

I am attempting to build a zoo. I have joined Veritas Press for this purpose and according to Budai Gautama Tiure, have been given all the appropriate privileges.
I am attempting to build on a preexisting slab. I have requested and received permission to build. I have the needed materials assigned to me and they are located in a warehouse I manage and operate in the same city. There are no obstructions in the spaces the construction will take place. I have 5 builders with me in my party.
When I attempt to build using the “Veritas Press” as the owner I get the following message immediately:
“An error occured: You do not have permission to build that here.” (Their spelling error, not mine)

If I attempt to build with myself as the owner it allows me to go to the next screen and assign builders/materials/etc. But when I click on build it gives this error.

“An error occured: You are not allowed to build this facility, either because your faction does not have the datacard, or the terrain prevents you.” (again, not my spelling error)

I double checked the build permission just to make sure:

Year 12 Day 138 Braldasaubo memoriam (8, 16) Zoo14,6 v Janasen Gorden ACCEPTED

I am trying to build at 14,6. I am trying to build the Zoo in Vertical.

Any help would be appreciated.


Year 12 Day 142 7:32
Did you request the build permission for yourself or for Veritas Press (it needs to be for the faction)?

Year 12 Day 142 15:08
Ohhh.... that could be the problem.
I feel so embarrassed.

Thank you for the quick reply.


Year 12 Day 143 17:48
I noticed lately that if you have the privs to build faction-facilities you no longer need to submit a request beforehand. I happened to just choose the faction as owner and started building.
Has there been a change to that part of the code?

Year 12 Day 143 18:03
That only works if the city is owned by the same faction - if its different owners, then you will need permission.


Year 12 Day 143 18:04
It depends on who owns the slab. If you are building for your faction on a faction owned slab then you needn't request permission. However, if you are building on a slab that is not owned by the faction you will still need to request permission from the slab owner.

Year 12 Day 143 18:32
Well, I'm the owner of the slab and I'm the one starting building. Seems to work also.

Year 12 Day 143 18:49
In essence, you still requested permission for your faction to build. The action was automatic since you were the slab owner.