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Year 12 Day 142 19:10
I was reading the rules and noticed that the medical factions can only build hospitals.
My question is why can't medical factions build other restricted buildings like Clinics or other smaller buildings, Religions have 4 buildings so why cant medical factions,be able to build facilities like special research labs, or rehab facilites like retreats

Edited By: Erin Brown on Year 12 Day 142 19:32

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Year 12 Day 142 19:23
Well, mostly, because those buildings don't exist.

Year 12 Day 142 19:26
Actually medical factions have far more facilities specific to that faction type, not to mention DCs in general, than religious factions. Also what Mikel said.

Have a look here.

Year 12 Day 142 19:44
I was using religious factions as a example I chould have just said Droids or Ships.


may the maker provide
may the maker bless and keep you
Year 12 Day 143 10:54
It's not just about what facilities they can build, it's about what those facilities can do. And the capital required. And the other DCs the faction has. And the other abilities of the faction type... etc.


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