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Year 12 Day 143 7:54
What are the most largest factions?

Year 12 Day 143 8:17
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Generally the governments are the mostest largest factions.

Year 12 Day 143 12:59
Are they the mostest bestest though?

Year 12 Day 143 13:15
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

They're the tippety-top of the crop.

Year 12 Day 149 8:15
Now i know that it's not that simple.
But the rules does not give everything there is to know about starting a faction. I have read that section now 3 times and i still don't see what a want to see.

Question: Can you choose where your factions space is, or is it random.

Question: The Planets, where are they going to come from. Will they be newly created for the "new" faction, or must the "new" faction fight to get planets that is already in other factions hands?

Question: Is the "new" Faction going to get a budget to start building, shipyards, space colony's, city's, enc, enc or must the group that starts the faction through all their credits together to start anything.

A minimum capital is required to create a faction. The required capital depends directly of the faction's type. The capital may be composed of:

Cash (credits)

So......What is the minimum required. (Starting from Scratch)

And must it all come from the group, or is SWC helping whith the ceation.

Year 12 Day 149 8:53
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

"Can you choose where your factions space is, or is it random."

There is no faction space.

"Question: The Planets, where are they going to come from."

Nowhere, there are no special faction planets. If you want a planet then you'll have to find an uncontrolled one or barter for a controlled one with other players.

"Question: Is the "new" Faction going to get a budget"


"So......What is the minimum required."

Look further down the page you quoted from, it gives you the required credit values for all faction types.

"is SWC helping with the creation."


Year 12 Day 149 16:15
Your factions' space is whatever space your faction controls