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Year 12 Day 145 20:43
This feels like a newbie question:

how do i take control of a planet for my faction or myself? If i happen to come across a uncontrolled system how can i take control of it?


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Year 12 Day 145 20:53
Zero Turner

Control a majority of flats on the planet. Thought it's also good to own the PGs and Cities to do so, but even if you do control it, if others have cities they too can build on it and overtake your own flats and take control of a planet.

it's not easy to control a planet on ones own, without a faction or at the very least w/o a shield grid to prevent building. I know most people simply give control of the planet to their faction to prevent and control the planet with easier means.



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Year 12 Day 145 21:11
That was perfect answer thank you very much that answer helped alot.


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Year 12 Day 146 1:07
I'd add if you want to own a planet on your own, you can't control it as an individual, only factions can, so its helpful to have it fully slabbed and own all cities. That way nobody beside you and people you give permission to can build on it.


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Year 12 Day 146 1:29
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Or shield the entire planet.

Year 12 Day 146 10:12
Well credit wise im no where near doing any of that. So owning slabs or shielding planets not in my plans but thank you. I ask only cause i seen a system unowned by a goverment or faction. I thought i could take it or own it for myself or faction. Of course me being 4 months old still have alot to learn. :)


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