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Year 12 Day 146 16:07
Drofdar Yort

What would happen if say I was on my ship with somebody I hate and I set a course for the sun and say in the last minute I make him pilot and the yt-1300
goes into the sun and kills him and I am safe and unharmed and my ship is damaged.

Would it work thanks.


Drofdar yort
Year 12 Day 146 16:12
Really you would do that?


Arrested Day 85
Dead Day ??
Year 12 Day 146 16:14
Christian Hall

I'd say that's against the golden rule and the Asims would reverse the action.

Year 12 Day 146 17:11
I thought sunning a freighter/capital killed all PCs and NPCs on board. I'm not sure, but I think it destoryed cargo as well and I know it damages the ship.

So what I'm saying is that you and him will both die no matter who is piloting the ship.

Someone, please do correct me if I'm wrong...

Year 12 Day 146 17:22
Why don't you try it and let us know.


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Year 12 Day 146 18:09
If you sun a ship (freighter, not sure about Caps) all people and cargo will be destroyed, whether you are pilot or not. It would work if you were using a ship with an escape pod, you could jettison and fly away to safety before you sun. But, I am not sure if Escape Pods have been implemented yet. :p

Year 12 Day 146 18:40
Actually, if you flew into the sun with this said person onboard your YT-1300 you would die and he would fall unconscious and the ship would be a wreck and moved a square next to the sun. It would be impossible for you to set a course for the sun and "make him pilot and the yt-1300".

And if you did manage to get him to fly it into the sun and you would fall unconscious and survive you would probably die because A., no one could save you in time, or B., no one would even want to save you which B. is more likely because who wold help you to do such a thing?

If you really want to kill him get a government faction to A/E him, somehow.

Year 12 Day 146 18:40
Nothing is actually destroyed, last time I read the rules, only the pilot. Unless of course you'd sun a fighter, then it would all melt down. With freighter or a cap, passengers go unconscious and the ship get damaged. I am wondering more why would someone you hate be on the same ship with you that he can't control in the first place.


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Year 12 Day 146 20:49

Capital ships and freighters sustain hull damage (30% to 50%), ionic damage (15% to 35%), and shield loss (25% to 60%) and are moved one square to the left, away from the sun (if the sun is at X-coordinates 0, then the ship is moved 1 square to the right). The pilot is killed if he is in control of the ship (piloted mode).

And while it technically says that, anyone could call a golden rule violation on that.

Year 12 Day 146 21:35
I always wondered what would happen if you did as the OP said, but then hopped into a docked ship/vehicle. The other person would die, but since you are techincally not on the ship that suns (the container that is) would you fall unconsious too, or still remain alive and working?


Year 12 Day 147 5:09

You'd be knocked unconc as well, in Ellias situation.

In any situation however, the player would be banned for exploiting as well as wasting our time to reverse the actions, and the sunning would be undone.


Year 12 Day 148 8:58
Ha ha ha with that said bet no one does it now!


Arrested Day 85
Dead Day ??
Year 12 Day 148 10:38
Ryan Roche

You can't set course for a sun, assign the 'enemy' as pilot and then escape pod your way out?

What is the exploit, the assigning?



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 148 10:44
The assigning and the leaving, yes.

Year 12 Day 151 12:11
Andy Fry

i think also ;)

Year 12 Day 156 14:34
slightly related to this, if i had a droid capable of piloting my ships (say an R1 for this scenario) would i be able to set a course for a sun, board a ship docked within the first ship, and safely fly away? Not specifically to kill anyone, but merely to damage the ship.


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Year 12 Day 156 15:19
I don't think undocking works while travelling, could be mistaken.

Year 12 Day 156 17:43
You used to be able to, but even if you had a droid and boarded a docked ship, when you tried to undock it would abort travel for the mothership.