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Year 12 Day 147 3:53
there's a squad of 12 NPCs on my ship I would like to get rid of. I don't own them but I am manager. For some reason I cannot party with them, and I know the kick function is broken.

How do I get them off my ship please?


Year 12 Day 147 4:29
If you cannot party with them, its opssible you already have some people in your party so they cannot join. However, you should be able to use the load into entity option at the bottom and choose a destination (a city should be a valid destination) and they will move out.


Year 12 Day 147 5:41
Thanks for the swift reply. Unfortunately I can't see the squad as selectable or even as individual units in my party screen. When I'm in the movement screen I can expand the selection under the npc heading and see individuals. In the party screen however, I can't do this. Am I making any sense in my explanation?


Year 12 Day 147 7:07
Eshini`el Sandhawk

I'm not an admin, but I may know the answer here.

As manager of NPCs you're able to assign yourself as supervisor through inventory.

Are you assigned as their supervisor too? Maybe that may help to be able to see them on your party screen.

'The supervisor of the NPC may add them to their party and move them about at will.' rules

I'm not sure if being their manager automatically gives you supervisor privs or not, so you may try it out.

Year 12 Day 147 7:21
I am both and does not work :(


Year 12 Day 147 11:43
Eshini`el Sandhawk

Right, sorry to hear that.

There's one thing that could explain it (unless it's a bug):

Owner created a squad out of these NPCs (more likely if they are military) and as long as he has them in personal squad no one else is able to command them.
If owner is active and that's the case, it's still possible to resolve it through IC means. (he just needs to go to his Party screen and click disband squad)