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Year 12 Day 148 8:55
Ordinii Gotha

Not really sure when I noticed this for the first time, possibly as long ago as 6 months.

When I go to the Galactic Market there is a summary for each asset type, just above where you can Checkout. Usually there's only items available, most notably KeyCards. The number of items in this summary is seldom the same as the number you get if you click on "items" in the summary, today the difference is 13, earlier it has been 17.

Summary (at the time of this writing): 359
Items Listed on the Market (at the time of this writing): 346

Does the fact that I'm not in a Commerce Centre, Trading Station or Centrepoint Station have any relevance in this case? Or is there another explanation?

Year 12 Day 148 9:58
I'm not completely certain, but I believe I heard that they are DCs from factions that have dissolved in the past.

Year 12 Day 148 17:51
Yep they are DCs and there is a bug with them being counted in that total.


Year 12 Day 148 19:11
So if we bought a keycard from there, we'd instead get a random DC? or a keycard?


It's a known fact that painting a red stripe on an X-wing makes it go faster.
Year 12 Day 148 19:36
...no. You get what you buy. There's simply a bug with datacards being counted in the overview total.

Year 12 Day 149 8:03
Ordinii Gotha

Thanks for the explanation :)