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Year 12 Day 155 1:10
There is one strange thing about the ELG: I have had one for a far time now, and the main image for it is still the better old one, while the large is now the canon version, as i don't believe there was one beforehand for the old art, thus leaving me with a confusing mess on my hands.


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Year 12 Day 156 15:23
Fairly certain the faction has a custom DC applied to it, so when they produce with it they still have the old image.

Year 12 Day 156 18:35
And the image won't be changing?

Year 12 Day 157 18:10
Well, custom DC image application is currently broken. Therefore, they have to come to me if they have an image that needs changing.

Year 12 Day 157 18:22
Thank, was only asking as ah like the current image of mah ELG (was one of the reasons ah bought it in the first place, apart from the fact it was a slug-thrower with no stun setting)

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