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Year 12 Day 149 0:16
Is this possible:

Say I am not able to pilot my speeder due to race restriction. But i can pilot a capital ship. If the capital and speeder are on the same square in a city can I dock the vehicle into the capital?

Note: assume the capital has enough room and a bay vor vehicles.

Year 12 Day 149 1:19
Docking requires piloting the vehicle, so no.

On the other hand, if your capital had a tractor beam, then you could do it that way.


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Year 12 Day 149 4:34
oke ty hal for the quick response!

1 more question: what if I posses a vehicle with room for 250 passengers and I put 249 NPC's in it + meself. Can i dock that vehicle into a capital ship with a vehicle bay but the capital has only room for 25 passengers? I keep the NPC's in the vehicle once inside the capital.

Note: i have no vehicle restrictions now.

Year 12 Day 149 4:57
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yes, you can do that.